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Thank you for your interest in writing for Primaseller!

This is a platform for you to express your take on various topics related to retail. Informative and educative articles with credible content will help our audience get deeper insights into the retail world.

Please run through the guidelines and recent articles before you submit. Please email your Google Doc to marketing@primaseller.com with the subject line, “[Your Name]_Guest Post Submission“. For further details, please go through the FAQ section below or read through our guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I write about?
The best way to know that would be by going through our previous posts! Our customers are SMB (Small & Medium Business) retailers and hence, our readers are those who are looking at different aspects in business, like inventory management, improving online & offline sales, etc. So, we welcome articles on retail trends, retail news, eCommerce, retail technology, inventory management, POS etc. to name a few.

Q. Should I pitch my idea to you?
You can pitch your idea to us if you want us to review it before you start writing. We will also be happy to provide you with some topics you can write on.

Q. Do you pay?
We do not pay for the content you contribute to Primaseller. However, you are free to provide relevant back links to the site/blog you would like to promote. Also, we’ll share your post in our newsletter, and on Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook, to help you reach as many readers as possible.

Q. Can I repost my submission on my blog?
No. Since we retain the rights to your content once we decide to post it, we don’t allow republishing on your own blog or any other website as it affects SEO traffic.

Q. How long should my posts be?
Anything between 1000 and 2000 words is appreciated.

Q. Can I include links within the piece?
Yes. Please include links that will be helpful and relevant for the reader. They can be to appropriate posts on your site, any other news site or blog or even to Primaseller!

Q. Should I write a headline?
That’d be great! We reserve the right to tweak it for SEO, style or just to make it more attention-grabbing. But if you want to suggest one, that makes our job easier.

Q. Will you edit my post?
We’ll edit your post for content, formatting, and clarity, doing our best to preserve your voice. You’ll be able to see our edits in your Google Doc.

Q. Anything else I should keep in mind?
Including a few sub-headings is much appreciated. Also, if you can provide links to support your arguments, that would be great!

Q. Should I include an image?
Yes. at least one relevant and “labelled for reuse” image must be included for use in the article.

Q. What about my headshot?
You can include a photo of yours in the mail containing your Google Doc.

Q. What happens after I send the article to you?
An editor will review your submission and determine whether it’s a potential fit. If yes, the editor will proceed and get back to you with notes. If no, we’ll send you a mail suggesting what else you can write about.

The editor will include comments in the Google Doc for you to address. Once you’ve addressed our comments, send your revised draft back to us. We will go through it again and get back to you with further revisions, if any.

If we accept your article and all the revisions are complete, we will schedule a date for publication and let you know of the same.

Please Note: Primaseller reserves the right to edit any posts we receive, including modifying or removing any links that we deem not to fit within our linking policy.

We look forward to your contribution!