How to create SKU codes: Primaseller SKU Code Generator

What are SKUs?

An SKU, short for Stock Keeping Unit, is a particular type of item for sale and defines all attributes associated with the item, such as manufacturer, description, material, size, color, packaging, warranty terms, etc.

Why should you use SKU codes for your products?

The main purpose of giving SKU codes to your products is to obtain accurate inventory results, as they will help you have an extremely reliable and organized database.
Any minute error in your inventory details and specifications could create big time loss for you. So, having an efficient and consistent set of data is imperative.

How to choose SKU Codes?

  1. It is advisable to not use your supplier’s SKU code
  2. It is ideal to use an SKU code with 4-12 characters
  3. Do not start the SKU code with a ‘0’
  4. Do not use characters that could confuse people or software
  5. Choosing an SKU code differs from business to business

Get Started

Follow the best practices above and easily generate SKU codes with this free tool from Primaseller and manage your inventory efficiently.

  1. Download the template CSV from here
  2. Fill in the Product Name and up to 3 option values.
  3. Save the file. Remember to save the file as a CSV file (the file extension should be .csv)
  4. Click on 'Choose File' below. Navigate and select the file that you just saved.
  5. Click on 'Generate SKUs'. When the SKUs are ready, the results will automatically download as a CSV file.

Please note that, if there are duplicate SKU codes, 1,2,... etc will be appended.