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purchase order software
purchase order and inventory management

Better inventory management

Raising purchase orders help in keeping you updated of your available stock. Primaseller's purchase order software helps in better inventory management and avoids stock-outs.

purchase order software

Manage your suppliers easily

Instantly email your purchase orders to your suppliers and communicate your requirements. Track purchase orders using suppliers’ names to know their real-time status.

purchase planning made easy with Primaseller

Capture all details in one document

Rather than tracking multiple documents for items purchased, their price, shipment details, etc., have a single document and simplify the process.

purchase order software

Watch your spend and purchase patterns efficiently

Track your purchased-products history, know what and how much you have been buying from time to time and plan your next purchase. Have greater control over your inventory.

purchase planning made easy with Primaseller

Low Stock Tracking and Reporting

Configure SKUs to be tracked for re-order points and receive emails or download the reports yourself to plan your stock and procurement much better.

purchase planning made easy with Primaseller

Watch this space for more!

We are working on automating Purchase Orders as an option that you can set on your suppliers. Watch this space for more updates on automatic POs.

Feature Checklist
primaseller feature checklist

Mark status of payment

After raising your purchase order, mark your payment status as pending or paid, as per the current status.

primaseller feature checklist

Mark payment period

Note the period within which the payment will be made.

primaseller feature checklist

Print or email purchase orders

Once you raise a purchase order, you can either email it to your supplier or print it out.

primaseller feature checklist

Store supplier details

Maintain a database of your suppliers, along with their business name, contact name, email ID (to which the PO is mailed on creation), address, payment method, and payment period.

primaseller feature checklist

Automated Report Generation

Have reports sent to your email or download them when your product hits the re-order level.