What can you do with our APIs?

Primaseller's APIs will allow you to use our inventory, catalog, and orders
into your systems for a seamless integration across platforms.

connect your own channels with Primaseller

Connect your own channels

You have a custom-built channel that you love and want to integrate with this? Our Simple APIs allow you to do this within a matter of days.

integrate custom shippers

Use your custom shippers

Add your shippers to Primaseller to allow updating of orders with the right shipper and tracking info.

integrate erp systems with primaseller api

Integrate with your ERP

Want to have our data synced to your SAP or any other ERP System? Easily fetch orders from Primaseller and update into your ERP. You can also push inventory info into Primaseller from your ERP.

primaseller developer API

Maintain your catalog

You can now create products on Primaseller programatically. If you have a single catalog that you want to maintain in a third software, you can update the catalog or pricing on Primaseller which will subsequently update all the connected channels accordingly.