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We're a small business and we've started using Primaseller recently. After trying other options and comparing, we're so very impressed with their customer service, available always and responding efficiently within 5 minutes or less, they make all the tricky sides of using a new complex program much easier and pleasant. We're really grateful.

testimonial by Select Jewels

Violeta Solis-Fuertes

La Dole Rugs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are add-ons?
    Once you choose a plan, which has a limited number of Stores, Registers, Users, Warehouses or Products allowed, you can choose add-ons to customize what you want to pick up.
  • Do you charge per POS order for my Brick and Mortar store?
    No – we charge a fixed amount per store per month. It is only for your online channels like Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, etc. that we have limits per plan.
  • Can I carry over unused stores, users, etc. to my next period?
    Once the period (month or year) of you subscription expires, all credits are reset.
  • How do I pay?
    Sign up for a free trial and add your credit card by navigating to Settings-> Subscriptions & Billing. Your card will be charged automatically at the end of the 14-day trial.
  • I want to only use your online integrations and not your POS. Is that possible?
    Sure. You need not use our POS module but it is always at your disposal. Our Billing doesn't change though unless you have more than 3000 online orders (Enterprise Plan) in which case you can talk to our Sales Team at sales@primaseller.com.
  • Do you charge for per online integration?
    No – we do not want to penalize you to sell on multiple online channels. Use as many of our available integrations as you like.
  • What if I do not like your product?
    We provide a 14 day free trial for you to evaluate our product if it is the right fit for your business. Please feel free to explore and reach out to our support team to figure out how the product suits you best. Once paid for a period, we typcally do not refund. However, you can cancel your subscription before your next renewal. smiley
  • Is there a discount for Non-Profit Organizations wanting to use Primaseller?
    We provide a 30% discount for Non-Profit Organizations. If you are a Non-Profit Organization, please get in touch with us at sales@primaseller.com to avail the discount.
  • What setup data do I need before I get started?
    Pretty much only your product catalogue – an excel file that has all your Product Names, SKU Codes and Pricing. You can also create your catalogue one by one if you’re just beginning to start your business. If this is already available in any of your online channels, we can fetch and auto-create these products.
  • What gets counted as an online order?
    Any order received through our current online sales channel integrations or through the use of our external APIs will be considered as an Online Order for billing purposes. We do not consider POS Orders and Manual or Portal based B2B orders for billing purposes.
  • I am a small seller - your pricing is too high! Can you help?
    We consider ourselves very competitive in terms of pricing. That said, we love to help small businesses. If your annual revenue is less than $50,000 a year, let us know and we'll offer you a Startup discount on all plans.