Multichannel Order Management Made Easy
With Primaseller's Integrated Solution

Fulfill, Pack and Ship from Etsy, eBay, Amazon and your Webstores from a single online order processing software

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ecommerce order management software
ecommerce order management software ecommerce order management software

Leading eCommerce Channel Integrations

Manage your eCommerce orders on multiple platforms. We're integrated with Etsy, eBay, and Amazon spreading over more than 10 countries as well as Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and BigCommerce.

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ecommerce order management software
eCommerce order Management software

Fulfill all your eCommerce orders from a single platform

Primaseller lets you process your online orders in a simple manner that abstracts ideal supply chain flow. Create shipments from items that are fulfilled by inventory, assign shippers and ship your shipments until they are delivered or returned.

You can fulfill your eCommerce orders from a single location or from multiple stores and warehouses - all configured within the system. Primaseller is the only inventory management and multichannel-multilocation order management software you will ever need.

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Real-time inventory push to all online channels

Automate the process of updating inventory on your online channels by letting Primaseller orchestrate stock updates basis any change in inventory. You can also apply alerts to know when the inventory will fall below danger levels.

You can also control pricing for all channels using Primaseller and upload your discounted campaigns to trigger off sales on your online channels.

eCommerce management with shipping Integration

Integration With The Best Shipping Providers

We integrate with the best shipping providers in the world like USPS, UPS, Canada Post, FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail, Australia Post, and many more to ensure that you have an incredible experience fulfilling your orders. Get rates, fetch labels, and print in batches for easy order processing across online channels.

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fetch orders from marketplaces

Picklist and Packing Slips

Process bulk shipments much more efficiently by knowing what to pick from your shelves using Picklists and then sorting them into shipments using Packing Slips. It simplifies your life and eliminates errors in packing.

multi channel inventory management software

Accounting Integration

Sync all your sales with QuickBooks Online to further automate processes with Primaseller’s integrations. Inventory gets automatically updated on these accounting software and you get an up-to-the-minute financial status of your company.

Key benefits of Primaseller’s Order Management Software

multi channel inventory management software

Invoice Management

Choose an invoice template from our billing software and print them out as many times as you want or customize it with additional details like your logo, brand name, and contact information. You can also choose to use the marketplace invoice.

multi channel inventory management software

Returns Management

Easy recording and tracking of returned goods from your customers. Generate the updated invoice indicating the returned product and get updated inventory instantly. Process refunds for payments made on the order.

multi channel inventory management software

Multi Currency

Make transactions in any currency from your retail store. Accept payments in any currency from your online sales channels across the world.

multi channel inventory management software

Plan Purchasing Better

With Primaseller, manage your purchase orders for better inventory tracking and purchase planning.


Primaseller has been our only solution since we started using it at Select Jewels. The web app, especially, runs smooth and fast, and I am able to operate from literally anywhere. It has been of great help in managing all the orders, be it a B2B, online or POS order with amazing ease. Life has become easy with Primaseller :)

testimonial by Select Jewels

Krishna Rawat

Select Jewels