Isn’t it every retailer’s dream to be able to sell products without holding stock in a warehouse?

Buying from cheaper sources, stocking them at fulfillment centers and selling them for a price high enough to make the model profitable- this sales concept has existed for a while now.

Tracy Smith, founder of and creator of YouTube videos for small businesses has been implementing retail arbitrage with physical stores like Walmart and Goodwill. The reason she prefers chain stores is so she can order the same products in bulk and achieve geographical distribution.

With the advent of online retail, arbitrage takes on a very new meaning. From stocking to shipping, delivery and returns management, fulfillment companies can do it for you. From this resource, you’ll learn how to leverage retail arbitrage to make greater profits, hopefully with lesser work. More specifically, you’ll learn about:

  • Why it makes sense to make use of a fulfillment center as opposed to leasing your own warehouse space
  • How Amazon is changing the arbitrage game by being a marketplace too
  • Pricing strategies that position you to take advantage of this scenario- pricing just right so you make enough to cover fees and commission
  • Why low-cost high-value products are your best bet
  • The rules you need to follow to win at this game
  • How you can minimize your risk and maximize profits
  • How to keep track of your orders, returns and replacements when all of your stock is at a third-party warehouse
  • How you can fulfill orders from other channels through FBA, and the fee you’d incur in this case.

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