Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. It’s an interesting fact that people around the world search for products on Amazon 3 times as many as they do on Google. Since Amazon houses a massive number of products, it’s imperative for them to have the perfect algorithm to determine which of their best products should show up after a search. Want to improve your Amazon product ranking? Get started on this free guide and make sure your products rank high on Amazon.

Amazon’s A9 Algorithm:

Amazon has its own internal engine that can be optimized. Amazon A9 algorithm determines which products should rank up before others. There are a few SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks that the seller can use to rank up his products.

Amazon’s A9 algorithm officially says:

‘Our work starts long before a customer types a query. We’ve been analyzing data, observing past traffic patterns, and indexing the text describing every product in our catalog before the customer has even decided to search. As soon as we see the first keystroke, we’re ready with instant suggestions and a comprehensive set of search results.’


Factors That Affect Amazon Product Ranking

1. Parent-Child Products

Amazon’s built-in parent-child product functionality directs all customers to a single product page. So, if a customer can expect to find the products on a single page, then you can display them as variations of the same product.

how to increase amazon product ranking

Variation themes include color/name, size/count, color, style, scent, etc. For example Identical products that vary only by color, a product that is available in various scents, etc.

increase amazon product ranking

The benefits of doing this are:
● Amazon tends to give a higher ranking for products which have multiple options in their listing
● This practice will make customers stay on the same page to check out your multiple options and this gives a higher chance for a sale

  • 2. Customer Reviews & Answered Questions

    The number of customer reviews and how positive they affect the Amazon Product ranking. Both are equally important. Take a look at this example:

    product rank high on amazon

    In the above example:
    1. The BISSEL Vacuum (green) has the most reviews and the highest review rating. It’s also a best seller. So, it ranks on top.
    2. The product listed last, The Hoover Wind Tunnel has the most reviews. But, they may not all be good reviews about the product. It has a lower rating and hence ranks number 4.
    The number of answered questions is also an important factor for products to rank up on Amazon.

  • 3. Image Size & Quality

    Images submitted to Amazon for your products must have pixel dimensions of at least 1000 or larger in either height or width.
    This size of 1000*1000 pixels or larger allows customers to use the ‘Hover-to-zoom’ feature. This has increased the conversion rates in a big way.
    In every photograph, 85% of the frame should be filled with the product itself. The background should be pure white.
    Any blurry image or anything that does not meet Amazon’s standards will not be displayed on the screen.

    increase amazon product ranking

  • 4. Price

    Price of a product is one of the major factors that cause ranking up of products on Amazon. Basically, the combination of good rating and reasonable price, relative to a product, improves your Amazon product ranking.

    increase product ranking on marketplaces

    Customers come to Amazon to get the best deals. So, it is imperative that this perfect combination of good ratings with lower prices should come up after a search.
    In the above example of a Morphy Richards mixer, all 3 of the highest-ranked mixers have pretty much the same ratings. But the lowest priced mixer is ranking No. 1 under this category.

  • 5. Completeness of a product listing

    The more complete you make your listing, the higher the chance for your product to rank up on a search conducted. It is important that you fill in every single field in the listing set up a page to maximize your chances of appearing under the top searched products.


What are the factors affecting your product relevancy?

  1. Product Title

    Research done by Amazon says that product title with relevant keywords written in less than 80 characters ranks higher than others. This is because it makes it easy for customers to read and understand. Amazon keeps a limit of 200 characters for many categories.
    It is very important to find relevant keywords relating to a certain product and fit in as many keywords as you can. This enhances your chances of showing up before others when a customer searches for a certain product.

    seo for product ranking on amazon

    Follow these rules for writing good product titles:
    1. Capitalize the first letter of each word
    2. Spell out measurements (Ounce, Inch, etc.)
    3. All numbers should be numerals( 6, not ‘six’)
    4. Ampersands “&” should not be used in titles. It should be written as ‘and’

  2. Product Description

    This is the area where you can give maximum details about the product in an easy-to-understand way. If the seller puts a little effort into describing what his/her product features are in a very simple and detailed way, it will help in ranking up their product.
    An important method to adopt while describing product features is to give them in bullet points.

    product ranking seo

    Usage of the right keywords is definitely the most important aspect to consider. You need not to use the same keyword multiple times in your description. Once will be sufficient. Similarly, extra technical specifications about the product will add to its relevancy.

    amazon product ranking

  3. Brand and Manufacturer

    Amazon does not show up products that are listed without mentioning the brand or manufacturer. Therefore, keep in mind to include the brand name. This will help your product to come under a filter when applied, or also cater to customers searching for your product specifically.

    increase my amazon product ranking

  4. Category
    When you are listing your product, make sure that you have included your product in the most specific, narrowest category possible.

15 Tips For Better Amazon Product Ranking

Now that you have all the details, here’s a quick list to sum up some of these aspects and to offer new insights.

  1. Your sales rank is important!

    The better your sales rank, the more you sell. The more you sell, the better your sales rank gets. Always keep an eye on that number. Your seller rating has something to do with your sales rank, so be sure to offer the best service.

  2. Ask for product reviews.

    According to Amazon’s policies, it is not permitted to offer rewards in return for reviews. However, you can ask buyers to leave a review without incentives. Send a handwritten note or an email once the delivery is done.

  3. Answer Questions.

    On Amazon, you may have noticed that there are questions under each product. These can be answered by you, the seller, or past buyers. Be sure to answer all questions in this section accurately as more buyers are likely to look at them.

  4. Use Images.

    This should be basic but many retailers do forget. Visuals make a huge impact. Use high quality pictures and show your product from as many angles as possible. Even better if you upload a usage video.

  5. Price Dynamically.

    Pricing does influence whether or not you stay in the buy box. As you know, the more you stay in the buy box, the better your chances of conversion are.

  6. Complete your product listings.

    We’ve said this before- a listing is a chance to give more information about your product. Fill it up in as much detail as possible.

  7. Pay attention to the title.

    A good product title gives as much information as is necessary to click. Fancy titles may not work on Amazon. Use the product name, quantity, etc. instead.

  8. Include bullet points and keywords.

    It can be boring to read endless paragraphs. Sum up all features in bullets and use keywords wherever appropriate to improve your chances of getting picked up in a search.

  9. Don’t skimp on descriptions.

    Take your time to write them well. A good product description does the job of a sales representative. Make it useful and engaging.

  10. Mention specific brand names.

    This is particularly true of products that have more than one SKU. It is easy for a customer to search by the quantity, brand number, model number, etc.

  11. Address negative seller feedback.

    If you’re not sure how, read this guide for more information.

  12. Process your orders efficiently.

    Try and ship orders on the next working day after receiving them. Sign up with dependable shipping partners. The faster and more hassle-free your fulfillment is, the better you’ll do with reviews and thus rank higher.

  13. Manage inventory well.

    A lot of retailers ignore inventory to their own loss. Good inventory management goes way beyond just managing a spreadsheet.

  14. Reduce your exit rate.

    If a customer views your product and then leaves Amazon, your ranking falls. Suggest relevant products and keep them engaged to lower your exit rate.

  15. Review your listings.

    Sometimes, your performance may fall. In such cases, look at your competitors and do what you can to improve your listings. If you have been having issues with fulfillment, try and fix them first.


These are some of the most important factors that will improve your Amazon product ranking.

All these criteria point towards one common factor; Amazon is striving to give the customer comfortable shopping experience. And hence, what the customer would find easier to look for and purchase must be your primary concern, as a seller. Concluding, always remember to give proper product titles, detailed product descriptions with proper keywords, plenty of images of the right size and quality, and some more points of concern and you are good to go on Amazon.