Once products begin to sell, the very herculean task of shipping these products to the right customers begins. If you’re still selling on a very small scale, it is fairly easy to keep track of where each of your products is in the delivery system. However, if you’re planning to scale up, or are suddenly seeing a boom in sales volume, eCommerce shipping management can be a major pain point.

The greater the product variety you have, and the more orders you begin to receive, the process of sorting the right products into your shipment and keeping track of deliveries gets cumbersome. However, fret not, because this eCommerce shipping guide is designed to make the process sequential, and therefore, understandable. From this guide, you will learn the following:

  • Create shipments from your orders
  • How to choose the right shipping partner for your needs
  • Which shipping partner to collaborate with to keep track of delivery, returns, and replacements
  • Print relevant labels and invoices for each order
  • How to choose the right packaging for your products
  • Pack your products into consignments
  • How to manage shipping when sudden spikes in sales occur
  • How to ship internationally and follow guidelines

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