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amazon, ebay, shopify, magento, and woocommerce inventory management software

Multi channel selling with an efficient inventory management software

Selling on more than one online channel? Whether it is a webcart like WooCommerce or Magento, or marketplaces like Amazon and eBay - your inventory needs to be accurate and it needs to be synchronized.

Everytime you receive an order from an online channel or your retail store, Primaseller's inventory management software not only fetches that order, it also automatically updates inventory information to all online channels where the product is listed.

Sync your inventory from a single location as well as all your locations on online channels using our cloud-based inventory management software.

Your Digital Catalog Is At Your Fingertips

You no longer need a "Products Master" spreadsheet to store your catalog and track it.

Create and store your digital catalog or fetch it from any online channel that you are integrated with. Our 'Catalog Sync' helps you get started with Primaseller instantly. Your team can update a catalog and add new products to all or selected channels to get inventory and price synchronized.

Organize variations of your products and their inventory under a single product grouping to better track the options available to your customers.

multi channel inventory management software
multi channel inventory management software

Transfer Inventory

Manage the transfer of inventory across your multiple facilities with Primaseller. With built-in user permission controls, you know your stock is in safe hands.

Purchase Orders

Create Suppliers, Map Products and Create Purchase Orders using Primaseller to ensure that your stock never runs out when you need it.
Check out our Purchase Order Management feature in detail.

Print And Scan Barcodes For Smooth Product Flow

Using Primaseller's barcode templates, you can print barcodes for products you receive.

This leads to effective and smooth operations during POS billing, inventory increments and many other features in Primaseller that offer a barcode scan.

multi channel inventory management software

Effective Inventory Management Builds Trust

Every low-star rating that you get on an online marketplace due to stock-out cancellations can drop your sales by upto 50%.

As a small business, knowing your inventory position accurately gives you the position of trust where a customer gets what she expects from you and you always know what you are capable of delivering. This trust impacts your brand and helps you scale at that same inventory efficiency.

Build your brand today with Primaseller.


This has to be one of the best programs I have ever used, especially in terms of tracking inventory across multiple channels (i.e. ebay, our company website, in-store purchases, etc).
I can't recommend Primaseller enough.
Very dependable and very reliable. A+++++++++++ Guys!!!! Keep up the awesome work!

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Ernest Lee