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WooCommerce inventory Management software WooCommerce inventory Management software
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Key Features of our WooCommerce Inventory Management Integration

WooCommerce Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Inventory accuracy is essential for an online store. Automate updating of inventory on WooCommerce from the same source of stock that all your other channels consume. Manage variations of your products with distinct SKUs grouped under a single product.

WooCommerce Order Fulfilment

WooCommerce Order Fulfilment

All your WooCommerce orders are downloaded real-time in Primaseller for your to block inventory, print invoices and ship them with our integrated shippers. Automate your orders so that you always adhere to SLAs.

WooCommerce Shipping Management

Integrated Shippers

Primaseller offers integrations with a large set of global shippers that will help you compare rates and buy the label of the shipper that works best for you. Avail the cheapest shipping rates for WooCommerce with Primaseller's discounted USPS rates.

Multi Currency Billing

Multi-Currency Store

Selling across currency regions? Your WooCommerce store can handle multi-currency transactions and so can Primaseller. Become a truly global seller while keeping your sales in the same system with Primaseller.

Bundles and Kits

Product Bundles/Kitting

You can now build Bundles using the Composite SKU feature in Primaseller that will sync inventory on WooCommerce whenever the child SKUs change in terms of inventory. Create packs/bundles with your existing product line to expand your revenue base.

WooCommerce POS integration

Other Online Channels and POS

Primaseller let’s you run not only your WooCommerce store, but also your Amazon, eBay and Etsy sales so that inventory is always the same across online channels. Use Primaseller’s POS for your retail stores and also Primaseller’s B2B portal for your distribution business. Never miss out a sale from anywhere ever again.

Purchase Order Software

Supplier and PO Management

Manage suppliers and automate purchase orders based on re-order points on all your products that are low in stock or on backorders. Map your products to ensure you don’t mix your supplier catalog and create a stronger relationship with all your suppliers.


We're a small business and we've started using Primaseller recently. After trying other options and comparing, we're so very impressed with their customer service, available always and responding efficiently within 5 minutes or less, they make all the tricky sides of using a new complex program much easier and pleasant. We're really grateful.

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