Stripe Integration

Use Stripe to Collect Payments Across Channels

Streamline Payment collection across B2B, POS or any other channel using our Stripe Integration

stripe payment flow

Email Invoice with a Payment Link

Directly send your invoice along with a Pay-Now link which your customer can click and pay directly to you

Directly enter card information

Using our checkout process, enter customer card details directly to collect payments within the system

Charges: You will be charged standard Stripe fees applicable to you.

Key Benefits :

  • Collect from customers - anytime, any place
  • Payout Cycle of 2 days instead of weeks
  • All Major Cards Accepted
  • Safe Secure Card processing with no PCI compliance obligations
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We're a small business and we've started using Primaseller recently. After trying other options and comparing, we're so very impressed with their customer service, available always and responding efficiently within 5 minutes or less, they make all the tricky sides of using a new complex program much easier and pleasant. We're really grateful.

testimonial by Select Jewels

Violeta Solis-Fuertes

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