Synchronize your Invoices, Inventory and Purchase Orders with QuickBooks inventory management

QuickBooks Online Inventory Management is made more simple yet powerful with Primaseller

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integrate quickbooks with pos, Etsy, amazon, ebay, magento, shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and inventory integrate quickbooks with pos, Etsy, amazon, ebay, magento, shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and inventory

QuickBooks Online POS is solved with Primaseller

integrate your POS stores with qQuickBooks

You can configure multiple stores on Primaseller and all invoices across all stores will be synchronized with QuickBooks online in realtime along with Customer, Products, Taxes and Payments Data created automatically in Quickbooks.

Sync invoices from eCommerce sales with QuickBooks

Integrate your marketplaces and QuickBooks

Primaseller also syncs in realtime all your Invoices from Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce into QuickBooks. This means that you can now have all your online channels automatically synchronized in QuickBooks along with POS and B2B data.

Purchase orders and bills will also be automated from Primaseller

Primaseller now supports purchase orders as well as bills to go live into QuickBooks. This ensures that supplier and customer information need to be re-entered and all transaction journals will be balanced by our entries instead of you worrying about it.

Update QuickBooks inventory from Primaseller

Primaseller's Quickbooks inventory management software will sync all your inventory changes and movements into QuickBooks so that you never need to handle manual journal entries and stock level modifications. This allows you to use QuickBooks reporting better using more accurate data.

inventory management software with purchase planning that integrates with Quickbooks by Primaseller
purchase planning by Primaseller

Avoid manual errors by automating data entry

Accounting data entry is a process that cannot afford mistakes. With Primaseller, you no longer need to manually enter sales and purchase data into Primaseller. It automatically registers all sales and purchase information with the right Journal entries. This means that you get to focus on your business and not get stuck doing data entry all day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I’m already using Quickbooks - Why should I not use quickbooks for inventory management?
    QuickBooks Online was not built for inventory handling, which adds some problems to the mix. Here are a few limitations of using quickbooks for inventory management.
    • No Serial Or Location Tracking
    • No Multichannel Integration
    • No Visibility On Order Fulfillment
    • Lack Of In-Depth Inventory Reports
    • No Module For Warehouse Management
    • No Module For Barcode Printing
  • How can Primaseller’s quickbooks integration help my retail business?
    Primaseller's Quickbooks integration synchronizes all your Invoices, Inventory and Purchase Orders, this will help you to maintain an up to date accounting details and save you the manual effort of creating these transactions.

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