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Key Feature of Primaseller’s Warehouse Management Software


Design a layout that works for your business

Setup your warehouse so that you can easily navigate through floors, aisles and racks to reach the exact Bin location where your inventory is stored. Putaway newly received stock efficiently into shelves.


Pick, Pack and Ship Smoothly

Fulfill your orders across channels by using an optimized picklist after which you can pack and ship your orders efficiently. Use the same process for online, b2b as well as transfer orders - your team performs better with consistency.


Superior Inventory Control

Using Primaseller’s WMS, you can not only manage what you store, but you can also efficiently handle your purchases. Automate Purchase Orders and Transfer Orders to ensure you are always holding the right amount of your inventory.

“Primasellers software has so many features to enable the smooth running of our company. Previously we had disjointed processes and now we can link to all of our packages which has lead to the reduction in the work load significantly leaving us time to concentrate on new projects.”

- Nicola Crool

Benefits of using Primaseller’s Warehouse management software

allocate orders

Allocate Orders to Locations with Stock

Transfer Orders to a different location which has stock to more optimally fulfill your order. This can lead to savings in your shipping costs as well as better utilized working capital.

track and return damaged items

Track Returned and Damaged Items

Know what items were returned to stock from your online orders and POS orders. Damaged inventory can be stashed separately and later either discarded or fixed and added back to available inventory.

order streamlining

Back-to-Back Ordering is streamlined

Elimate unpredicatble dead inventory by purchasing only what you sell using Back-Order reports. These reports can then be configured to automatically generate Purchase Orders for you.

multilocation stock management

Multi-location stock management and Transfer of stock

Easy transfer of stock between your warehouses, and between your different channels of sale, based on demand. The inventory level at the specific store automatically gets updated.

better user control

Better User Control

Know who has access to stock and at what levels from within your team

low stock alerts

Low Stock Alerts

Get reports in your inbox everytime your inventory for an item goes below stock. Each SKU can have it's own re-order point so that you can plan your purchasing efficiently.

purchase planning by Primaseller

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