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Create Purchase Orders, Plan Re-orders and Track Suppliers using Primaseller's Purchase Order Management Software

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purchase planning by Primaseller

Automate your Purchase Process with our Purchase Order Software

automatically raise purchase orders
get inventory alerts weekly, daily or monthly

Get low stock level alerts for your Inventory

Afraid that Orders from Amazon, eBay and Shopify and other channels may deplete your Inventory?
You can now automate Purchase Orders basis Low Stock Level Alerts and sleep without worrying about Out of Stock orders

primaseller automated purchase order system

Auto-create and send Purchase Orders

You can configure re-order point and re-stock levels in Primaseller's Purchase Order Software to help you plan your purchasing in a seamless and efficient manner. Notifications can be set for each Store/warehouse and across SKUs

track suppliers and payments

Supplier Tracking and Purchase Prices

Manage your suppliers and their unique pricing to help you make smarter purchase decisions. The same SKU can have multiple suppliers for you to choose from.

There will be no need for you to remember prices while creating purchase orders once you have configured your suppliers in Primaseller.

receiv purchase order in parts or in full

Receive Purchase Orders in full or in parts

Create receipts from your Purchase order by scanning individual products or simply marking all items as received.

You can even partially receive POs to represent actual scheduling of receipt of goods.

configure bundles or kits for Purchase orders

Purchase in Bulk Efficiently

Do your suppliers refuse to take single item quantities?
Configure packs or collections of your supplier SKUs so that your purchase orders handle bulk quantities better while your base SKU quantity in Primaseller is accurately maintained upon receipt.

track incoming stock

Track sent purchase orders to follow up with your suppliers efficiently

View your pending purchases against every SKU to know if you need to further order or call up your supplier to expedite delivery.

Knowing how much you have and how much is expected makes your inventory lean and efficient contributing to a superior bottom-line and a healthy balance sheet.

print and email purchase orders

Print or email purchase orders

Once you raise a purchase order, you can either email it to your supplier or print it out.

store supplier details

Store supplier details

Maintain a database of your suppliers, along with their business name, contact name, email ID, address, payment method, and payment period.

create purchase order automatically

Automated Report Generation

Have reports sent to your email or download them when your product hits the re-order level.

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"This has to be one of the best programs I have ever used, especially in terms of tracking inventory across multiple channels (i.e. eBay, our company website, in-store purchases, etc).I can't recommend Primaseller enough.Very dependable and very reliable.
A+++++++++++ Guys!!!! Keep up the awesome work!"

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Automate your Purchase Planning Process with Primaseller

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