Multi-store POS Retail Management Software

Primaseller helps you run a connected POS on all your stores from a single retail management software that can also handle your online and B2B sales integrated on the same system

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Key Features of Primaseller's Retail Management Software

pos software for multiple retail stores

Track your sales across stores

Wherever you are, you can can choose to access any store and observe sales, monitor performance, absorb insights and take real time decisions to increase sales and customer satisfaction

Distribute inventory sensibly

With all your inventory information in each store accessible in a single retail management system, you can track dead stock, redistribute inventory, and have a tight grip over procurement to optimize your working capital and storage across your retail chain

link pos to ecommerce stores

Link your stores to your online sales

You can sync your inventory across stores or a single store to your webstore or marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Etsy for efficient and error-free inventory management.

Integrated payments

Use Primaseller's iPad based App which is integrate with Square for a seamless payment integration - you will now be able to have the seamless payment ease of Square while leveraging the inventory power of Primaseller.

Learn more about our iPad based POS App from here

integrated payments processor
quickbooks pos inventory software

Synchronized accounting

All your sales across stores will be synced real time with QuickBooks Online - no more manual entries and confusion of stock across different stores. Get powerful reports combined with the data of Primaseller and QuickBooks

Give your store the best retail management software. Choose Primaseller.

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pos software with hardware compatibility

This has to be one of the best programs I have ever used, especially in terms of tracking inventory across multiple channels (i.e. ebay, our company website, in-store purchases, etc).
I can't recommend Primaseller enough.
Very dependable and very reliable. A+++++++++++ Guys!!!! Keep up the awesome work!

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Ernest Lee

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