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Superior Inventory Control Software

Plan your inventory to the most optimal levels with easily configurable re-order and re-stock levels. Inventory Control is now simplified by mapping your products to suppliers and automating purchases to match only what your actual demand is - nothing more, nothing less

Build your inventory planning strategy

set low stock alerts for your inventory with Primaseller

Re-Order Levels Based

Set Re-order points on your products so that you are alerted about low stock levels and you can procure according to your needs

Back order based inventory management

Purchase basis back-orders to maintain a zero working capital business where you buy only what you sell

Key benefits of Primaseller’s Inventory Control Software

B2B management software for wholesale

Automate Purchase Orders

Inventory Control Software that let's you to automate your inventory control by setting purchase orders to fire at low stock or back-orders so that you never need to look at inventory levels again. Your suppliers will ensure that you are never understocked and overstocked.

B2B management software for b2b orders

Low Stock Alerts

Get reports in your inbox everytime your inventory for an item goes below stock. Each SKU can have it's own re-order point so that you can plan your purchasing efficiently.

multi channel B2B management software

Back-to-Back Ordering is streamlined

Elimate unpredicatble dead inventory by purchasing only what you sell using Back-Order reports. These reports can then be configured to automatically generate Purchase Orders for you.

b2b, POS, and order management software

Allocate Orders to Locations with Stock

Transfer Orders to a different location which has stock to more optimally fulfill your order. This can lead to savings in your shipping costs as well as better utilized working capital.

track and manage your b2b returns

Track Returned and Damaged Items

Know what items were returned to stock from your online orders and POS orders. Damaged inventory can be stashed separately and later either discarded or fixed and added back to available inventory.

b2b inventory management software

Multi-location stock management and Transfer of stock

Easy transfer of stock between your warehouses, and between your different channels of sale, based on demand. The inventory level at the specific store automatically gets updated.

purchase planning by Primaseller

We're a small business and we've started using Primaseller recently. After trying other options and comparing, we're so very impressed with their customer service, available always and responding efficiently within 5 minutes or less, they make all the tricky sides of using a new complex program much easier and pleasant. We're really grateful.

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Violeta Solis-Fuertes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is inventory control?
    Inventory control also known as stock control refers to how you manage your stock levels in your warehouse using stock audits and re-ordering with your suppliers basis fulfillments. Managing warehouse inventory will ensure that a business has the ideal stock levels needed to fulfill customer orders on time. Please read this guide to learn more about inventory control process, techniques, formulas, and best practices.
  • How can an inventory control software help your retail business?
    Inventory control software provides better insight into stock levels in the warehouse and the best way, and times, to replenish stock. Proper inventory control can avoid losses in storage, sell more optimally and also prevent running out of stock when you most need it.
  • Key features of Primaseller’ s inventory control software?
    The key features of Primaseller’s inventory management software are:
    • Track Reorder points and Restock level
    • Automate Purchase order
    • Transfer and track inventory across locations
    • Generate low stock and backorder reports

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