eBay Integration

eBay is an American e-commerce company started in 1995. It is a global platform which is used by over 162 million users. Being one of the largest online platform for sellers, it’s the perfect option for giving your products maximum visibility.
eBay integration enables online sellers to extend their reach and operate all activities associated with their business from a centralized platform.

ebay integration

Print invoice & Manage sequence

Print invoice in Primaseller or eBay format, according to your choice. Also maintain sequence of your invoices by giving serial numbers.

Print Invoice
Update prices easily

Update prices easily

Update prices of products across all your stores in one go. From a single panel, you can update prices for different channels easily.

Order fulfilment, tracking and management

Automatically fetch and process orders from eBay. Track order details like the date of order placed, items purchased, customer details & more. You can also track returns from our panel.Know which orders are out of stock so that you can quickly fulfill them. View old orders and reprint invoices for your bookkeeping purposes too.

inventory tracking
automate inventory

Automate Inventory Sync

Automate inventory sync with eBay and all your stores and get real time information about your inventory even when you are not monitoring.

Print shipment labels and Update shipment details

Print bulk shipping labels for all eBay products. Also, mark all orders as shipped through any custom shipper along with any other courier information.

print shipment labels
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