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The Price Of Holding Inventory, And How To Minimize It Easily

By On September 13th, 2016|Seller Guides, Seller Insights|

Dave is a beginner in the apparel retail industry. He buys clothes worth $10,000 and is planning to sell them on Amazon by marking the price up by 30%. When he starts out, he is pretty excited about the profits that are expected to come. He lists his products online and waits for the miracle to [...]

How to sell globally using Amazon

By On September 8th, 2016|eCommerce, Retail, Seller Insights|

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit at your antique store in India and easily have dollars flowing in from the US for your products?  Sounds impossible? Not when Amazon is here to do exactly that for you. The Amazon Global Program that was launched in India a year back has seen the growth [...]

How To Tell If Your Business Is Growing

By On August 25th, 2016|Retail, Seller Guides, Seller Insights|

In the crazy rush of running a business, it is easy to get lost in the smaller things. However, it is extremely important to often step back and evaluate how you've done so far. This post is about getting that yardstick in place by which you can measure yourself. Many retailers out there might have [...]

5 Sure-to-Sell Retail Ideas for 2016

By On August 17th, 2016|Point of sale software, Retail, Seller Guides, Seller Insights|

As the real world and the internet merge deeper by the day and pose to function like a single system, new trends in retail are being born every day. The brick-and-mortar retail won’t die out. However, the physical retailer who, too, decides to break into the eCommerce world, is the one who is keeping pace [...]

7 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dead Stock

By On August 11th, 2016|Retail, Seller Guides, Seller Insights|

"Dead stock is a cash flow killer", says Jennifer Rosenberg, president of Indianapolis-based Acorn Distributors Inc. “We make money by moving boxes, not by storing boxes”.   Dead stock is that portion of inventory at your store that just won’t sell. There could be various reasons for these to remain in the shelf and not [...]

3 Tips To Help You Save Time With An Inventory Management Software

By On July 14th, 2016|General, Point of sale software, Retail, Seller Insights|

How long do you or your employees spend on updating the inventory database on your excel sheets? Let's take a simple example. Say you're an apparel retailer selling across multiple channels. You have a hundred products, and each of those products has five different sizes. So you have five hundred SKUs. In other words, that [...]

5 ways to make your store a different experience from the rest

By On July 14th, 2016|eCommerce, Seller Insights|

We are living in a time when the line between online and offline retail is slowly blurring away. Till some time earlier, for traditional retail store owners, online retail was only an experiment. They built an online store only hoping and praying that it might increase their sales. But, eventually, time has brought us to [...]

How can UK retailers increase sales and compete with the biggies

By On June 29th, 2016|General, Retail, Seller Insights|

We recently heard the news of brands like BHS and Austin Reed, which remained on the high streets of London for more than 200 years, having to shut down. There has not been an increase in offline retail revenue in the UK for a few years now, after the arrival of eCommerce into the world. [...]

Is UK retail on the omnichannel path yet?

By On June 16th, 2016|eCommerce, Retail, Seller Insights|

UK Retail 2016 Oxford Street is one of the first names that comes to anyone who wants to go shopping in London. It houses the famous John Lewis, Debenhams to the most reasonably priced shopping outlets. Bond Street, Carnaby, etc. are other shopping havens found in London. They are famous worldwide. But, shopping trends are [...]

Walmart trying hard to catch up with Amazon!

By On June 9th, 2016|eCommerce, Retail, Seller Insights|

Walmart had been hearing complaints for years owing to poor customer service. But, it seems like everything is back to the right track for Walmart, as it has seen a higher-than-expected 10% increase in shares in the first  quarter, this year. They have invested a whopping $ 2.7 billion last year for improving customer service, [...]

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