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5 Sure-to-Sell Retail Ideas for 2016

By On August 17th, 2016|Point of sale software, Retail, Seller Guides, Seller Insights|

As the real world and the internet merge deeper by the day and pose to function like a single system, new trends in retail are being born every day. The brick-and-mortar retail won’t die out. However, the physical retailer who, too, decides to break into the eCommerce world, is the one who is keeping pace [...]

What type of barcode scanner should I use?

By On August 4th, 2016|Point of sale software, Retail, Seller Guides|

Barcodes are data codes that contain important data and information pertaining to a specific product. Using bars and spaces of varying lengths and widths, different numbers and letters are encoded. These codes are extremely important for accurate inventory management. For example, the barcode seen on the tag of a shirt does not describe the brand, [...]

Purchase Orders – What are they and why do you need them?

By On July 28th, 2016|Point of sale software, Retail, Seller Guides|

It is tempting to write a piece of paper and hand it over to your supplier or text details to him - but trust us, it is a very bad idea! What if he forgets? What if you forget? Get rid of these habits and get started using formal Purchase Orders. What is a Purchase [...]

6 mistakes to avoid while purchasing a POS software

By On July 21st, 2016|Point of sale software, Retail, Seller Guides|

Not realizing what your business really needs A grocery store needs a POS software that can help them update their stock in terms of Units of measurement. Example:  4 Kg of rice, 10 liters of oil, etc. This is a must-have feature for a grocery POS. An electronics store, on the other hand, needs a [...]

3 Tips To Help You Save Time With An Inventory Management Software

By On July 14th, 2016|General, Point of sale software, Retail, Seller Insights|

How long do you or your employees spend on updating the inventory database on your excel sheets? Let's take a simple example. Say you're an apparel retailer selling across multiple channels. You have a hundred products, and each of those products has five different sizes. So you have five hundred SKUs. In other words, that [...]

How To Choose An Inventory Management Software – A Concise Guide

By On June 2nd, 2016|Point of sale software, Retail, Seller Guides|

Imagine if you could magically save 3-4 hours of your valuable time each day that you spend on your excel sheets. These long hours that you utilize to fill and update your inventory status on these excel sheets can be cut down to simply one click!  What will help you do this? Nothing, but an [...]

What will you lose if you don’t use a retail POS software?

By On May 26th, 2016|Point of sale software, Retail, Seller Guides|

Gone are the days when the POS (point of sale) used to have just a cash register for billing purpose. Now we have an entire encyclopedia of information at the retail POS in addition to a POS billing software. This source of information is extremely important for today’s retailer. Do you know what is the [...]

Omnichannel Retail – Raising the bar for customer satisfaction

By On May 2nd, 2016|eCommerce, General, Point of sale software, Retail|

Omnichannel Retailing - Raising the bar for customer satisfaction What does my customer want? How can I make him a satisfied customer with my product and service? This is the question that should be present in every retailer’s mind. Because, the answer to these questions will simplify your process of creating business strategies, and [...]

Why Primaseller Is The Best Cloud POS

By On May 2nd, 2016|eCommerce, Point of sale software, Retail|

“Why Primaseller is the best cloud POS?” Let’s say you have all the inventory and order details of your POS on a Windows based PC. Unfortunately, due to a virus attack, your computer system breaks down one day, and so does your POS system! This leads to you ultimately losing out on all your [...]

Why Should I Integrate QuickBooks With POS?

By On April 16th, 2016|eCommerce, Point of sale software, Retail|

Why have an accounting software for your business? At the end of the day what matters is how much money you have spent and what is the revenue generated. For the same reason, a reliable platform that can accurately track your money flow is a must. If you are running an offline retail business, it [...]

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