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Tips And Tricks To Build Trust On Your eCommerce Website

By On December 26th, 2016|eCommerce|

The first look of your website is enough to decide if the customer wants to stay on your page or leave it immediately. It does not simply mean losing on a view, but it can possibly be the loss of a sale happening and eventually, the loss of a customer. A customer, today, is very [...]

7 Effective Tips To Boost Your Magento Web Store Sales

By On December 26th, 2016|eCommerce|

Digital marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways to promote products and services online. Whether you are marketing affiliate links for products, or selling enormous amounts of physical goods from a Magento store, it is always crucial to find new web customers for higher online sales. Of course, running a successful online [...]

How To Automate Your Shopify Store Marketing With 8 Of The Best Apps

By On December 16th, 2016|eCommerce, Seller Guides|

Marketing automation has been quite the buzzword since digital marketing took over conventional marketing. Though it sounds complex, it is nothing but using the right software and tools to get your repetitive marketing tasks done to save time and become efficient. Can Small eCommerce Businesses Afford Marketing Automation? Marketing automation was once the preserve of [...]

3 Effective Ways To Hack The Mind Of Your Online Shoppers

By On November 24th, 2016|eCommerce, Retail, Seller Guides|

As a retailer, you've always wondered what goes on in the minds of your online shoppers. Indeed, if we could decipher this one crazy variable, we'd never have to worry about product mixes, pricing and even advertising. Unfortunately, no amount of data in the world can accurately capture the mindset of every consumer and for [...]

[Infographic] Magento Vs Shopify – Which Should You Choose?

By On November 22nd, 2016|eCommerce|

Choosing the right eCommerce platform is the first step towards the prospects of your eCommerce business. A lot depends on what your expectations are in terms of setting up your eCommerce store, (that ideally includes inventory and order management, capturing payments, shipping, along with customer targeting & services), and what features are you willing to [...]

How To Handle Amazon Reviews Like A Rockstar

By On November 10th, 2016|eCommerce|

Once you've sold a product online and it has reached your customer, you're perhaps waiting anxiously to see what they have to say. A review a major deciding factor in how well you sell online. Even for products from companies that are well established, prospective buyers take reviews from past customers very seriously. Just take a [...]

UPC, EAN, ISBN and ASIN – Making Sense Of Product Coding

By On November 7th, 2016|eCommerce, Retail|

The product is one, but associated codes are many. If you're a retailer, which of the many product codes should you be using? UPC, EAN, ISBN, ASIN- there are several to pick from. How do you map these codes back to the products and ship the right one? Most importantly, why do we need codes, [...]

How To Choose The Right Shipping Partner This Christmas

By On October 24th, 2016|eCommerce, Seller Guides|

Come holiday season, and you're swamped with orders. This is a good thing, but only if you have a plan in place for how you intend to fulfill all of them. Having products in stock is one half of the equation while the other is made up of choosing the right shipping partner. A good [...]

Are You Ready To Take Your Retail Store Online?

By On September 26th, 2016|eCommerce, Retail|

As a retailer, you always have one eye trained on market trends. You know that moving online from a traditional retail set up can help you gain access to more customers. In the United States, consumer interest in e-Commerce is growing steadily, as witnessed by the increasing percentage of online sales. Online purchases made up [...]

How to sell globally using Amazon

By On September 8th, 2016|eCommerce, Retail, Seller Insights|

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit at your antique store in India and easily have dollars flowing in from the US for your products?  Sounds impossible? Not when Amazon is here to do exactly that for you. The Amazon Global Program that was launched in India a year back has seen the growth [...]

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