Net Neutrality

At Primaseller, we have always believed in being neutral to everyone while being focused on only adding value for a seller. Given such a stand, we have so far maintained a fair and just relationship with all our integration partners like marketplaces without being partial to anyone.The subject of net neutrality has come to the fore in the last few days with Flipkart first deciding for and then against participating in the Airtel Zero plan.

Here are our views on net neutrality:

Imagine a toll gate where a BMW driver does not have to pay toll because BMW has already paid for it. Now, Maruti drivers need to pay 100 bucks for it because Maruti has a smaller marketing budget. The fact that the government did a private public partnership with the construction partner to build the road, does not entitle this infra provider to use it for more revenue sources than what was stipulated for the project from richer car manufacturers. Such a system would be flawed and result in inequitable distribution of public resources.

Similarly, the government has allowed providers like Airtel, Idea, etc. to bid for bandwidth to allow distribution of this bandwidth to consumers who pay a fair amount for it. If it starts using this privilege to profit more than what the business allows, it results in an unfair playing field for a lot of companies.

Monopolies will get created. Digital versions of Big Brother style organizations who will drive the agenda of both Telephone companies and TRAI with crony capitalism will emerge.

That’s why the net needs to be neutral.

Primaseller believes in justness and fairness in business and in everything else.