Good web design has a major part in generating a positive user experience and converting visitors on your site into actual customers. When a user lands on your site, their immediate focus is drawn towards the site’s visuals and aesthetics; so it is worth investing in good web design. The site developer should have a sound understanding of web designing principles and a firm grip on analytics tools so that they are able to put things in motion for increasing sales and conversion rates on the business’s site.

It is statistically proven that it takes 10 seconds for a user to form a first impression of your site, and 38% of the visitors will leave the site if it’s content or layout is not visually appealing. Two-thirds of the visitors will read content that is creatively designed than rather than spending time on something that is bland and unappealing. The majority of the users prefer a visual representation of content (whether in the form of video or explanatory images) since they are more easily comprehensible. Studies show that 40% of visitors will stop engaging with a site if it loads in more than 3 seconds and 39% will abandon a website if the images load slowly. This can have a negative impact on the conversion rates. It has been calculated that 44% of people turn away from a website there is no contact information available.

With the amount of smartphone and tablet users consistently increasing over the past few years, more people are likely to engage with a site via their smartphones/tablets than their desktops. It has been calculated that 4 out of 5 people open a site using their smartphones and 40% of the users will leave the site if the interface is not compatible with their devices. As a result, responsive designs have become more and more popular. It has raised user expectations, as 85% of users believe a company’s mobile website should be as good or better than the desktop version. The following infographic sheds further light on the most recent web design trends and statistics.

Web Design Trends :

Source: FME Dubai

Responsive Web Design Statistics


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