Check out how much you spend on shipping without Primaseller, just using the Retail plan, and how much you can save with Primaseller’s discounted USPS rates. With Primaseller’s tie up with USPS, get Commercial Plus rates.


Since USPS classifies shipping rates based on zones and ZIP codes, we’ve done all the hard work for you and looked up how much it costs to ship a medium package between these two places, approximately.

Discounted USPS Rates With Primaseller 1

Source: USPS. Please note that prices may differ from those shown in the image if you check on a different date.


With Minnesota as the source, Dallas falls into Zone 5 for USPS shipping. The estimated total for a two day delivery with USPS Priority Mail of a medium package is $23.85 which is much lesser than FedEx. Do note, however, that USPS does not provide a service guarantee. Nevertheless, you choose to go with it. With Primaseller’s USPS integration, on a package such as this shipping in Zone 5 via USPS priority mail, you can expect to save up to $6.89 per shipment! Imagine how much that would compound to with multiple shipments across zones.

Refer to the tables below to see USPS Retail plan rates for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express and the savings Primaseller offers in comparison.

USPS Priority Mail Rates

USPS Priority Mail rates


USPS Priority Mail Express Rates

USPS Priority Mail Express rates


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