The festive season is always the most sought after, by businesses and individuals. Businesses get the boost by the shopping spree from customers during the period, spread over 5 months starting October goes up to March. With the advent of e-commerce in India, the trend has even gone further with top marketplaces in India conducting huge festive sales and fighting for the lead in numbers. Customers who put their shopping list on hold and wait for these sales to happen are commonly referred to as holiday shoppers. With multiple retailers selling same or similar items, how to get the sales happening, is the question on every online seller’s mind.

Some of the tricks online sellers can use to increase online sales:

  • Free and Fast Delivery: Free shipping is the most sought-after facility by most buyers. Usually, as the order value goes up, it becomes the most basic expectation.
  • Percentage-off Discounts: Since, the advent of the internet, online research has been the most popular in making decisions. Before buying anything online, people tend to look for the best deals by doing extensive research across portals and search engines. Make your product searchable and the deal attractive to trigger a purchase. Buy One, Get one offer never miss to catch the attention of buyers.
  • Flash sales/Daily Deals could also be a good way to capture the impulse buyers.
  • Free Gift with purchase is another way to appeal to buyers and get higher sales during the season.
  • Best Customer Offers can work as a great surprise to the returning customers.
  • Abandoned Cart offers: You can as a seller extend promotions for your offered products in the abandoned cart with association with the marketplaces.

You would have to be watchful of the above tricks to be able to give a substantial boost to your business during the season sale. Most young people have been seen to do holiday shopping due to a shortage of funds with them and make savings on their buying wish-list.

The older buyers tend to be prepared in advance in most cases to avoid the last minute hassles, though they may have occasional requirements at the nick of time.

Most buyers are now using apps on portable devices like mobile phones or tablets for online shopping, which makes it important to keep product information crisp and clear. The consumers on the go, are actually more prone to closing the sale, and also may be looking for same-day delivery for an urgent requirement.

As retailers, being consistent in your service and maintaining good product quality will only help you in creating goodwill with sellers and marketplaces.

Wishing you a happy Diwali and great sales!


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