Although you may be drawing in plenty of interested visitors to your site, getting them to load their online shopping carts up and finalize a purchase is an entirely different challenge. But, there are ways to help increase the conversion rates on your payment page, and get those interested buyers to open their wallets and commit to their purchase. Here are 5 key tips for helping to boost conversion on your payment page.

5 Tips to Boost Conversion on Your Payment Page

Streamline your content

First things first, don’t overload your customers with information, even if you feel it’s something they would be interested in. It’s easy to overwhelm someone with pages of text, causing them to second guess the purchase they’re about to make. Streamline and simplify what you want to say – bullet lists are especially good to use for this because they highlight only the most relevant information and they’re easy to scan through. Keep your content within a limited word count, using Easy Word Count to track the length of your writing. And, ensure it’s always well written and free of errors by tapping the writing resources at State of Writing.

Ask for less

When you’re requesting that your customers fill out information about themselves, try not to ask for too much. If they begin filling out an information form and the end seems too far off, they may just abandon it altogether. Find help in editing down what you’ve written at Boom Essays or Eliteassignmenthelp so that only the most important information is being requested from your customers. Ask only for what you need – whether that’s billing and shipping information or something else. It can quickly become frustrating when all they want to do is make a purchase, but the questions you’re asking are endless. Build a simple, easy to navigate landing page using Unbounce to create a highly effective conversion tool. You’ll have the opportunity to put together a mobile-responsive landing page so that customers exploring your website on their mobile devices will have the same great experience as everyone else.

Let analytics help with the decision making

You’ll find an incredibly useful cache of information within the analytics of your website. You can tap into this valuable data in order to help guide your decision making and design your website. Everything from the browser visitors is using, to their screen resolution can help you make changes that can boost your conversion, by creating a more enjoyable user experience. By providing visitors with high quality written content, you’ll also be helping to create a more enjoyable experience. Poorly written information does nothing but ruin your credibility and diminish the trust customers have in your abilities. So, always ensure your writing is edited by a professional, like the ones at Academadvisor or UK Writings.

boost conversion using analytics

Use images that help your conversion path

Images are great to include within your website, but what you’ve got to watch for is that the images you’ve chosen are actually helping to enhance your visitor’s experience and push forward your conversion path. For instance, if an image pushes your lead forms below the fold, it’s working harder against your conversion path than it is for it. And, along with that, you’ve got to make sure the written content itself is helping to move visitors down the conversion path. Copywriting resources at EssayRoo and PaperFellows are excellent assets to have at your side when you want some assistance in creating content that converts.

Keep your users engaged with a variety of sources

You’ve got to leverage every resource you have at your fingertips to stay in front of your customers and keep them engaged. That means, if you have a Facebook page, blog or other social media page, you’ll want to try to connect with your customers on all platforms. Adding links for each of these allows them to easily connect with you and keep them engaged, not just through their purchase process, but beyond that, ideally turning them into regular customers. Create an engaging landing page from scratch or use one of the tested templates at InstaPage in order to build a fully customizable, intuitive and powerful landing page.

When you’re already seeing a good amount of traffic coming through your website, you will want to start looking at how to boost the conversion rate of that existing traffic. With these 5 tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving that.


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