“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

– Warren Buffet

Build trust

Online shoppers are fickle – there are always other sellers who can sell for cheaper or offer better propositions. One of the most critical pieces of selling online is to build trust. How? There is only one important rule:

Deliver what you promise.

Here are some simple things that a consumer expects from you:

  1. Images: The Images must be clear, preferably with a white background, and contain everything that you actually send. If you show a lamp with a wire, you cannot exclude the wire. If you show a complete Salwar Suit – you cannot exclude the dupatta. The colour and texture should be as promised in the image
  2. Attributes and Warranties: Clearly mention every feature in terms of colour, material warranty, precautions which makes the consumer more comfortable in the complete knowledge of the product. The less you mention, the more suspicious the customer gets.
  3. Pricing: All prices should include taxes. Customers hate hidden taxes or shipping costs which are not apparent till they reach the payment page.
  4. Packaging: A well packaged product ensures that you have taken care that even after purchase, the customer receives the product in good shape.
  5. Delivery promise: This is the most important promise. make sure that you have the best shippers on board and in case you sell basis back-orders, that your suppliers are reliable. It is ALWAYS better to under- promise and over-deliver when it comes to shipping time.

Follow these strict rules and you will build a great reputation and rating with customers whether it is your own website or a marketplace. Better rating -> Better future sales