Can you sell on if you live outside the USA?

US retail contributes to one-fifth of the total sales in the world and is the world’s largest online retailer. For ambitious retailers, is the right place to give your products the maximum visibility.

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Amazon’s largest market is North America (mainly US, Canada and Mexico), followed by UK, Germany, and Japan. But, Amazon’s most innovative services like Amazon Prime Now are being developed in the US, which is bound to help sellers across the world.

How do I sell on if I live outside the USA?

Selling on used to be a relatively hard process. But now Amazon has made it fairly simple. You only need to follow these steps for creating an account if you live outside of the US :

  1. A credit card that can be charged internationally, Visa or Mastercard
  2. A US based phone number – you can get a Skype US phone number
  3. A bank account number – Amazon now supports bank accounts of any country supported by Amazon. That is, you will have to use ACCS (Amazon’s Currency Converter for Disbursement) if you are using a bank outside of the US. To see the list of supported countries click here: ACCS
  4. Tax information – you will be required to go through an online step-by-step interview that will determine whether you will need to complete a W-9 form (as a US taxpayer) or a W-8BEN (as a non-US taxpayer). There are certain rules that a non-resident importer of goods for Amazon to USA must follow. Click here to know them: Tax Information
  5. Your address

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In order to carry out the importing procedure, there are certain things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Create your Amazon Listing: First of all, create your Amazon listing and then you will receive your shipping destination and the FBA warehouse you will be sending your products to.
  2. Choose your Customs Broker: In addition, you will need a customs broker to get your products into the US (unless you ship via air like UPS, DHL, FedEx in which case it will be considered as a service). Your customs broker will guide you through all the details regarding your shipment.

Conclusion, now you can sell easily on from anywhere in the world.

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