Why write good product descriptions?

Who would’ve thought, that simply by playing around with the words describing a product would eventually bring you much more money, as a seller.

But, it’s true. Research from Birmingham City University tells us exactly that. Many of your inventory related issues can be solved by simply writing good product descriptions. Let’s find out more.

Researchers from this British University crawled through 68,000 items sold on eBay, one of the world’s largest online marketplace, in order to understand how describing an item a certain way fetches the seller more money on eBay. They scanned through more than 15 million words on eBay, that were used by online sellers to describe their product.

Here’s what they found

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Let’s look into an example first. A watch labeled as “men’s” was sold for an average of 30 pounds, while the one labeled as “gents” sold for an average of 70 pounds. Now, why does this happen? It is an understanding of the mindset of people. Customers want to be told what they want to hear. It’s as simple as that!

When a seller says that the car he is selling is “clean”, “reliable”, “honest”, etc. rather than calling it “second-hand”, obviously, the customer would be drawn towards the former car. Only 9 out of 1000 listings on eBay used the word “second-hand” car. So, the description of your product is as important as the quality of the same. It is extremely important that you put some effort in using the ‘right’ words for each item so that the customer gets attracted to it.

The keyword tool from eBay can help you write an apt product description that sell.

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How to write product descriptions that sell?

Good spelling and grammar

For your product to look like a good standard one, how it is described matters a lot. For example, missing apostrophes in the product description were found to have a negative impact on the market. Basically, using the correct spelling and grammar for any item establishes an impression in the customers’ mind that the particular item is sold by a company that cares for quality, considers the customers’ situation and genuinely tries to make them happy. This builds trust in their minds and makes them come back to you. An example is, a watch said to “have water resistance”, sold 50% more than a “water resistant” watch.

A good tool to check grammar and correct framing of sentences is Grammarly.

Use of the right keywords

Equally important to giving a perfect description, is the use of the right keywords. Understanding what a usual customer will search for and placing the exact same keywords in your product description will help your product get fetched much easier and faster than the rest. Now, this means more sales. For example, if you are selling a NokiaN95, keywords you must keep in mind are “NokiaN95”, “ Cell Phone”, etc.

product description

Tools to find the top searched keywords are Google Keyword Planner and Moz’s Keyword Explorer


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Avoid product returns

These days, when online markets are witnessing increasing returns of products by the day, researchers are putting all effort to understand why this is happening. And, what has been found to be one key reason for this is an improper or insufficient description of the product on the online marketplace.

When the customer is given the wrong or insufficient information, he is likely to misunderstand the product and purchase it. After delivery, if he is unhappy he will return it. This can be avoided by simply putting a little effort in properly describing what you are selling, and it’s an absolute no-brainer.

It’s important to let people know that you are giving them a quality product through your “words” before they can actually use it because the words reach them first.

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