We’re super excited to release a much better way to process orders with Primaseller. The new release contains what a lot of our customers have been asking for us to improve upon. However, there are a couple of things we had to sacrifice in order to achieve this and we want to start with the bad news first.

What is going away:

  • Ability to upload and store AWBs
  • Automatic Shipment and Invoice Creation

That’s it. That’s all we removed. Good news, however, is in plenty.

What’s new:

POS Features

  • Tax can now be applied on service items in POS and B2B – So you can now tax Shipping or Service Charges

B2B Features

Online Channels

And there’s more..

  • Auto track your subscription – Know your plan and when it expires so that you can plan upgrades better.
  • Consolidated tracking of your Uploads and Downloads – All Tasks and historical uploads and downloads will be available for your view from a single screen
  • Configurable rounding logic for invoices in settings – choose how you want to round-up or round-down the total for your invoices.

Please share your feedback to support@primaseller.com or leave comments below on what you think about the new version.

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