We’re proud (and so happy) to announce that Primaseller has been ranked as an inventory management category leader! GetApp, the go-to platform for discovering business apps, has ranked us a leader in Q1 2017, and we’re thrilled to be featured right alongside some of the industry’s very big names. Indeed, we have been around for just about four years, providing cutting-edge retail management solutions. Being featured alongside products that have been around for decades, making their mark in unique ways, is an achievement we cannot stop gushing about.

If you’re a retailer looking to sell through multiple channels, consolidating inventory can be a challenge of mammoth proportions. Marketplaces, web stores and retail outlets- you’d want to do business across all of them with ease. Which is why having the right inventory management software can make or break your business, especially when you’re scaling up. But with so many options out there, which one do you trust with your business? The answers come in the form of GetApp’s Q1 2017 rankings for category leaders in inventory management.

primaseller is a category leader in getapp's inventory management software

What GetApp Has To Say About Us

While analyzing potential category leaders, GetApp takes into account several factors. User reviews for each platform, integrations, security features, mobile usability, and media presence are all important. GetApp scored each aspect out of twenty, and the final total has put us up there in the top 25. Primaseller has featured in GetApp’s rankings for the very first time, and guess what? We’re sure you’ll only see more of us!

As GetApp’s team says about us, “Primaseller is a standout newcomer in GetApp’s Category Leader ranking, appearing for the first time in Q1 2017 as one of the top 25 Inventory Management solutions in the cloud.

GetApp has ranked us very highly for our security features and user reviews. A big shout out to all our customers who have found our product to be immensely useful and have reviewed it. Thank you for presenting your honest reviews, which can help more people derive the most out of our products.

Not Just Another Inventory Management Software, This!

What sets Primaseller apart is that the team behind it is always working to give you, the retailer, more. Be they more integration options, more inventory handling features or greater ease of everyday use, we’re committed to becoming your go-to multichannel retail management software on the cloud. Sell on as many channels as you like without ever having to worry about fluctuating inventory. Access Primaseller from any device anywhere in the world. Be in complete control of your retail business.

This is also why we develop our blog and knowledge base into a resource that you can depend on for all your questions, concerns and more. (Edit: In July 2018, we’ve added two articles for you that can help you get started with inventory management and POS. Do take a look and let us know what you think.)

We have recently added WooCommerce to an already long list of integrations. Primaseller integrates with a selection of popular shippers, such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, Royal Mail, and Australia Post. We also offer accounting integration in the form of Quickbooks and Tally. With the addition of WooCommerce, you can sell directly from your WordPress site and have your inventory managed from within Primaseller. Most importantly, we’ll only keep adding to the list of integrations.

If you’re already on Primaseller, you’re already leveraging the best the platform has to offer. The best bit is that we’re working to make it better for you, every single day.

If you aren’t with us yet, you’re missing out!

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