It wasn’t long ago when Primaseller started on its journey of enabling sellers through its API-powered platform, across multiple online and offline sources of order. The product has since been evolving really fast and last week we launched an Android based POS (Point of Sale) App during a seller workshop. It is India’s first POS software to be integrated with online marketplaces.


Point of Sale Android AppThe workshop was held on 30 January, 2016, at Fortune Park JP Celestial Hotel, for Bangalore sellers with the aim of learning and networking. The workshop was over-booked and turned out to be a huge success.  There were various talks delivered by Primaseller, Flipkart, ShipDesk, with topics ranging from marketplace advertising, logistics, POS (Point of Sale), to GST, and accounting. There were spot-sign up offers from service providers for photography, cataloging, and web development.

Primaseller Bangalore Sellers WorkshopThe participating seller group’s enthusiasm and positive spirit made the workshop both productive and fun. It also received a lot of appreciation from the seller community for being insightful. The POS Application launch also had a lasting impression on the attendees.

This is the first such online software which allows you to manage their offline business and as well as online business through one dashboard. The product also supports e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and Shopping Carts like Magento. The product usage and flow is very simple and does not need you to be a software usage expert. Any seller with a smart phone can now be a smart seller with this application.

inventory management software

What can a seller manage from the application?

  • Create POS orders on-the-go
  • Easy scanning and adding of inventory, which can synchronize with their online stores
  • Manage of item and order discounts
  • Quick easy tax compliant billing
  • Email, SMS, or print seller’s invoice based on customer preference
  • Integrated with QuickBooks and Tally for accounting

Why should a seller use an omnichannel software?

The core benefits of being an omnichannel retailer are:

  • Uniformity of Catalogue
  • Synchronization of Inventory
  • Single Customer Database
  • Unified View of Back-end Operations

All this on one window, which can be accessed on any device, through a SaaS product, web based login window.

Primaseller is focused on building a scalable platform based technology on a subscription basis to retailers with a very efficient onboarding service unlike existing DIY solutions, which sellers are rejecting for high costs. This model will enable it to scale to a million sellers in the next few years with a very low cost of acquisition.

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