While it’s true that practicality should always win out over aesthetics, the visual presentation of a product certainly cannot be disregarded. With most products, consumers will see the packaging and presentation of the product before any of their senses meet the item itself. The most outstanding, reliable and effective product in the world will not realize its potential unless it is presented in a manner befitting that of the product’s quality.

Picture the scenario: You’re in a supermarket and looking to buy a box of chocolates for your significant other for their birthday. You’ve come to the confectionery aisle and your choice of chocolate is widespread. At this point, you’re none the wiser as to how the chocolates taste (unless you’ve tried some of the products before), so how do you make your purchasing decision? The price of each product is likely to be a factor, but when it comes to more considered purchases, your decision will probably be guided by how elegantly the product is presented. With the box of chocolates example, are you more likely to buy one that is luxurious in its colour choice, font selection and material used, or one that is made from chunky, cobbled plastic which might not even be biodegradable?

In the infographic below, which was created by Bracken Foam Fabricators, we see how the presentation of a product can heavily influence a consumer’s purchasing decision. Most supermarket shelves are full to the brim with choice, so it takes an excellently-packaged product to catch the attention of shoppers. If a product looks like the visual equivalent of background noise, it’s difficult to envisage many shoppers picking it off the shelf and placing it in their trolley or basket.

Keep reading below to find out how manufacturers can optimize the presentation of their products and improve their chances of winning over consumers.

make product presentation a priority


Author Bio

Max Bracken is the Manufacturing Manager of Bracken Foam Fabricators, an Irish manufacturer of high quality foam products. The company makes foam products for sporting and athletic pursuits, among other functions, and this corresponds with Max’s interest in sport, health and fitness.


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