Why Integrate Magento With POS?

magento POS

Being a seller of this age, you are provided with much more opportunities than before to get your product to the public eye. So, utilizing all the platforms you get will improve your sales in a big way.

The need of the hour is to provide customers an omnichannel experience in shopping. And, this phenomenon is aiding sellers around the world to improve their sales tremendously. We are talking about having a Magento POS integration. Imagine if you could control your POS and Magento store from a single panel and keep getting real-time information of sales on both platforms. Wouldn’t it be great? So, let’s have a look at the benefits of having Magento POS integration:

  • Centralized Inventory Management

Upon integration of your Magento and points of sale (POS), you will be able to view and manage your entire inventory from a single panel.


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  • True Omnichannel Experience

If a customer comes to your offline store to purchase a specific product, but unfortunately discovers it’s not available, the salesperson there can easily check the centralized inventory and ship the product to the customer’s house if he finds it available at his web store. Thus, making one more happy customer.

magento pos integration

  • Access To Your Store Data Globally

When you have Magento integration with POS based on an Android platform, you can easily access all the data related to your entire stock, both online and offline, from most of the devices, no matter where you are.


  • Update Prices Easily

One of the best pricing strategies in business is to keep changing product pricing depending on various criteria. When you have a single panel functioning for both types of channels, you can change the prices for your Magento and physical store from the same panel. This means you don’t have to go manually to Magento settings to update prices.


magento inventory management


  • Easy Search For Products/Orders

You can search for any product you want, or any orders you got online and/or offline, easily from a single space. Again, saves a lot of time and effort!

  • Easy-To-Use And Accurate Software

Your staff can be trained to use a software platform that gives them information about what and how many products exactly are present at each place can save a lot of time and will help meet customer’s requirements better. This ultimately leads to better customer service.


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Primaseller has developed a software platform that integrates Magento store with POS and efficiently manage all order and inventory from a single panel at surprisingly reasonable prices.

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