Free shipping, the eye candy of every buyer

Did you know you could increase online sales by offering free shipping to buyers? Take a look at the below facts.

  • Free shipping can increase your chances of a positive purchase decision.
  • Customers do not mind waiting for the product for 5-7 days if the delivery is free
  • Customers increase their total spend per transaction to get free delivery
  • Most redeemed coupons are for free delivery

Free Shipping to attract buyers


By now, you would have got the idea behind asking these questions on free shipping, it works wonders for online shopping success. Given the above consideration, online sellers should have a shipping strategy in place instead of just a mechanism. You can look at the above ways to get buyer attention with free shipping tactics.

Well, free shipping does come at a cost, so you have to be vigilant in providing the facility since it can’t be given in every situation. This facility can be provided to loyal customers, or repeat customers, and also to referral business.

Also, if your product category has tough competition, then it may just be a loss to provide free shipping. In that case, you can provide the buyers with multiple delivery options with free and chargeable options to make the deal worthwhile.

Free shipping or not, the business has to prosper, and the customer has to be delighted.

Research Credit – Pitney Bows Ecommerce Study

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