Since beginning its operations in 2010, Snapdeal has emerged as one of the India’s leading online marketplaces for buyers and sellers. This online portal offers a good catalogue of products from various regional, national and international brands to countless shoppers across India. By offering good deals on diverse products including, mobile phones, fashion apparel, laptops, gadgets and appliances, home and kitchen and even automotive and health products, the portal has gained trust and loyalty of numerous buyers in the country.

What makes Snapdeal the right choice for Sellers?

  • Snapdeal has more than 20 million members which means that it is the preferred choice for one out of every six internet users in India.
  • The portal takes care of the shopping needs of clients in more than 4000 cities and towns across the country.
  • Sellers need not do marketing of the products they list. Snapdeal, just like Flipkart, Amazon or other marketplaces, takes care of the marketing and sellers need to pay a commission based on sales made.

In view of the above facts it would not be wrong to state that Snapdeal has established itself as one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces. It has successfully reached out to a huge section of target audiences in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Type of Products

Snapdeal claims to offer more than 4 million products under 500+ categories, which include men’s and women’s apparel, baby products, mobile and laptop devices, electronic appliances and gadgets, home furnishing, games toys and kids products , footwear, recharges and bill payments and many more.

The portal constantly provides great deals in the form of exclusive discounts and offers on various products under each category. Quite recently, it has also introduced the SmartFeed feature that enables customers to shop for the products of their choice in three simple steps.

How to become a seller on Snapdeal?

The process of becoming a seller on Snapdeal is extremely easy. The sellers need to first register with the website and fulfill the requisite formalities once the website has approved the registration.

Listed below are the various steps that the users need to follow to become a seller with India’s largest e-commerce website.

  1. Visit and fill the small registration form online.
  2. Once the sellers submit the form the information they provide will be verified by the website.
  3. After receiving a confirmation from the portal, the sellers need to submit the requisite documents as listed below.
    1. Pan Card for the business
    2. TIN Number for the business
    3. Bank Account Number for the business
    4. Any other document sought by the website
  1. Once all the documents have been verified and approved, the sellers will be required to sign a Snapdeal Partnership Agreement.

The sellers are now all set to list their products on the website.


After registering, you will get a control panel for listing your product. It is suggested that you check similar items on the website for pricing and best suited category while listing your product. This will give you a fair idea of what would be the best suited price. There are no charges for listing a product on the website.

Snapdeal provides an excel file which generates a new sheet for every category that you list your products in. This sheet will have some common fields like SKU code, Name, Description, Price and will also have some fields which are specific for the category that you sell in.

Fulfillment and Shipping

At Snapdeal, it is compulsory to use their logistics partner for shipping.

You can either follow the SOI model where Snapdeal will store your products for you and ship it on your behalf.

The other model is commonly known as the Dropship model: The seller needs to keep product packed and the logistics partner will pick it from their door and deliver it to the customer. If you want Snapdeal to pack your product then you will have to pay 3/- per order. The exact price for shipping of the product is not clearly disclosed publicly but it is approximately 40/- for ½ kg shipment. The portal has also provided a shipment tracking and management tool SafeShip to its seller for convenient shipping management.

Salient Features of Return Policy:

Snapdeal has a well-defined policy in place to cater to the needs of the customers who might feel satisfied with their purchase. The salient features of this policy are as follows.

  • The customers can notify the portal about their desire to return a product within 48 hours of receiving the package.
  • The portal generally provides a pickup service to receive the product to be returned. In case such service is not available the customers can arrange for the product to be dispatched using a reputed courier service and the charges for the same will be fully reimbursed.
  • The portal shall reimburse the entire value of the product as paid by the customers and the processing time for same will depend on the mode of payment chosen by the customers at the time of making the purchase.
  • Snapdeal holds the right to verify the authenticity of any complaints of defect or damage in a product that the customers choose to return and reject any such complaints if found baseless.

You can read more details on the seller return policy here.

In case of a damaged product, please see detailed compensation policy here.


Although Snapdeal does not charge the sellers for listing their products on the portal it does collect a commission fee on every sale made through the website. Similar to product shipping charges, commission rates are not allowed to be disclosed in public. However, the usual charge lies between 4% and 20% per sale. Pricing policy depends on the performance of product on the portal.

Given the fact that the portal not only promotes the products of the sellers but helps them to reach out to a wider range of their target audiences in a more effective and inexpensive manner, the commission charged for each sale appears genuine.

Transfer of Funds:

For successful order, payment is received by the seller within 3 weeks of the dispatch date. The funds are deposited after deducting the necessary commission for the sale so as to keep the accounts clear.

For getting further details about the registration process for becoming a Seller with Snapdeal, or the method of listing products and reimbursement policy, visit this link. Sellers can also contact the concerned people by contacting them through the email: or calling them up on the number listed on the website.

Marketplaces in India are still a growing phenomenon and their policies change on almost a monthly basis. We will endeavor to keep this information updated on our blog to ensure that sellers have the best information possible.

To register as a seller on Snapdeal click here: sell on Snapdeal

How does Primaseller help you sell on Snapdeal?


We are currently NOT integrated with Snapdeal. However, if you want to have your Flipkart and Amazon inventory in a single place with a synchronized inventory management solution, reach out to us.

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