Flipkart started in 2007 by selling books online and now it is the leading shopping destination for online shoppers in India. About 30,000 retailers sell online in partnership with Flipkart from different parts of the country to reach a national audience. With Flipkart’s acquisition of Myntra, revenue generated for sellers is bound to increase in the fashion category in particular, along with many other categories like Home and Electronics.

Why sell on Flipkart?

  • Flipkart sales stood at USD 1 billion in the last financial year 2013-2014
  • Its customer base is about 2.6 crores which is quite a staggering number
  • On a monthly basis, Flipkart has over 1 crore visitors to their website and sends out over 50 lakh orders

All this goes to show how amazing this company is and how they have established themselves in the market. It has also led to quite a few retailers wanting to become a part of Flipkart by selling their products through their marketplace.

Product category:

Flipkart sells products across 70+ categories under Baby care, Books, e-books & Media, Clothes, Games & Toys, Mobiles, Cameras, Large appliances, Home & Kitchen, Sports & Fitness, Laptops, Jewelry and Footwear.

The three categories that do exceedingly well on Flipkart are consumer electronics, books, and media. There are plans to scale up within these main categories while promoting a few other categories like fashion, home & jewelry.

Return Policy:

Customers can return or exchange the product with the seller at no extra cost in less number of days. This is why Flipkart has 2.6 crore members and a lot of businesses are keen on becoming a part of Flipkart marketplace.

In case, the product is returned due to manufacturing defect, damage in transit or the customer is not interested in the item, then Flipkart will not deduct any shipping charges from the seller. Any damage for the product during transit will be fully refunded by Flipkart.

If the seller is at fault due to an inherent defect in the product which was sent to the buyer, then there is a reverse shipping fee that will be deducted from the account. Exchange of product because of size or color will not attract reverse shipping fee.

Shipping and delivery:

Flipkart has two types of shipping & delivery methods:

Standard delivery – It is the regular delivery method used by Flipkart’s logistics arm Ekart to deliver products. The delivery of orders to customers works based on the availability of products from the seller and replacements take up to 45 days.

Flipkart advantage – In this program, Ekart handles all inventory stocking and shipping and delivering the products in a day from the product purchased. Sellers, however, need to ensure products are delivered to Flipkart’s warehouses ahead of time to make use of this feature.

This ensures good packaging and delivery within 24 hours and the service comes with a 30-day replacement policy. In case a replacement is not possible, refunds are done. Customers will see a Flipkart Advantage badge next to the product while shopping.

You can choose the fulfillment model that suits you most and the pricing varies according to the model. It is mandatory for sellers to use Ekart logistics for shipping. Ekart uses Flipkart branded clean boxes and tapes and the team delivers the product to the customer.


Flipkart collects a commission as a fee for promoting your products which are sold and there is no listing fee for products simply added to the site. When a product is sold, Flipkart deducts a percentage of commission from the item price, closing fee, and shipping charges. The commission percentage varies across categories from 2.5% to 25%.

Closing fee is calculated as follows:

Seller revenue per sale = Item price + Shipping Charges – Closing fee – Selling commission – shipping cost – service tax

Remittance policy:

Flipkart settles the payment within 5 business days from dispatch date for Tier-1 sellers and 10 business days for Tier-2 sellers. Tier-2 sellers will be upgraded to Tier-1 after completion of 30 days, 30 successful order completion and less than 5% defect rate.

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How to become a seller on Flipkart?

In order to sell on Flipkart, an individual or a business house must sign up and become a Flipkart Seller by registering here. The entire process of signing up as a Seller is quite easy and Flipkart seller team will help you if there is any need.

  • To become a seller, visit www.seller.flipkart.com and register.
  • The individual or business house needs to provide the required information about their business.  To understand this better, the details required by Flipkart are:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Business or individual’s address
    • Bank account details
    • The Product Categories to be sold on Flipkart
    • Documents related to registration of the Business – Company or Proprietorship information
    • What are the products/ brands that one wishes to sell on Flipkart?
    • Tax registration documents – PAN, TAN, TIN with VAT/CST Registration (if it applies to your category).
  • Once the documents and information are submitted, the team will review the application and revert within a few days time.  Depending on the decision taken, it is then up to the individual or business to initiate the listing.

If you are interested, the Flipkart website offers more information at https://seller.flipkart.com.  Alternatively, you could reach out to Flipkart via SMS or email as well. Send an SMS with ‘SELL’ to 56677 or shoot an email to sell@flipkart.com with your portfolio and the team will revert.



To register as a seller on Flipkart click here:

How does Primaseller help you sell on Flipkart?

Once you have registered yourself as a seller on Flipkart and listed your products there, you are ready to wait for your orders to come and make your sales. But, the tough job in this process involves efficiently managing your inventory and orders.

When you have numerous products on Flipkart, it’s not easy to manage the flow of your inventory if you don’t have a good software platform for the same.

Primaseller helps you by managing all your inventories on Flipkart, and also on the various other channels you might be selling, like Amazon, eBay, Snapdeal, etc. We keep you updated on the status of your inventory across all these channels from a single place, even when you are not monitoring. Primaseller also helps you process orders from these marketplaces. You can also easily integrate your physical store and online store operations easily using Primaseller.

Invest right and wait for your profits to flow in.



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