Well, after the recent news about Flipkart taking action against some sellers and blacklisting them from using the portal, you have been thinking, if you were doing something wrong which could lead to delisting of your business. Read More

We list below some best practices for online sellers to avoid getting blacklisted from marketplaces.

Most marketplaces are conducting mystery shopping programs to take feedback about the experience of buyers on the platform. Sellers have to be watchful and follow the terms of use for the respective marketplaces:

  1. Keep genuine goods, and not duplicate

Please keep a strict check on the inventory, if the goods are genuine. Most product (manufacturing) companies have a genuine product seal to curb counterfeit products. Make use of similar mechanisms to ensure your continued online business with the marketplaces.

  1. Make sure the goods you are supplied are not used/stolen/damaged

Only take supplies from reliable distributors, who have good market reputation and amicable relations with product company. This helps in building your online goodwill and also comes of use during difficult times.

  1. Post correct information on the marketplace

All information pertaining to product should correspond with the information on the product packaging. Use correct images and references to the extent possible.

  1. Tie-up with dependable shipping partners

Always make sure delivery is safe and reliable by tying-up with good shipping partners and also having a back-up partner to fall back on, during times when the former is not available.

  1. Handle returns properly

Returns are unavoidable in online business, since the buyer does not get to see the product physically and the product (as visible on the website) may not always match the exact requirements when it is delivered. Handle returns gracefully to have a good online reputation as a seller.

  1. Do not buy out your rivals

This does not go a long way in building your loyalty and trust. And you also cannot do it all the time. It’s good to focus on your business and building it in the most organic way. Stocking out a rival seller will decrease your online rating and works as an accelerator to being blacklisted on marketplaces.

  1. Don’t engage in ill practices

Keep your business away from malpractices like sending stones instead of phones, which has been a popular practice in the online orders lately. Although it may sound lucrative, the trick does not work for long either, since marketplace has vigilance teams to watch out for such frauds.

The marketplaces, being technology based firms, are experts on technology and have designed algorithms to catch fake or fraudulent sellers. Their software can spot inflated MRPs with algorithms facilitating image search. It can detect whether the mentioned MRP drastically varies from the ones in the database, and sounds an alert if such issues are detected.

Marketplaces also have dedicated team to curb bad sellers and make the platform reliable for the buyers. This only adds to the overall trust factor for buyers, making the particular marketplace, most sought-after one. Follow best practices and make online selling a success for your business.