Christmas is a busy time of year for anyone selling anything, anywhere.

Whether you’re a Print-on-demand Dropshipper, ‘Ma and Pa’ corner store or an eBay, Amazon or Etsy seller, there’s every chance that Christmas is a good time for you.

But how can you make your customer’s Christmas really special? How can you be sure that your product is the best gift they receive this year?

You can do that by making your product’s unboxing experience memorable.

Chances are that you’ve seen an unboxing video on YouTube. It’s a phenomenon that caught on so that viewers can share in that sweet moment when you open a high-quality product for the first time.

Unboxing videos are just one of the reasons why your product deserves high-quality packaging.

So what’s the relationship between Christmas, unboxing videos and product packaging?

Custom-made Christmas packaging plays a massive role in your customer’s unboxing experience.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how some massive brands and smaller brands have used Christmas themed packaging to increase the value of their products when given as gifts.

Why do I need to consider Christmas packaging?

Christmas is all about the little things. Little details go a long way at Christmas time, as it shows that you’ve really thought about the gift that you’re giving.  This Christmas, look at your customer as the person you’re giving a gift to.

Something as simple as a handwritten ‘thank you for your purchase’ note, or even a simple ribbon are some ideas of the ‘little things’ you can do for your customer this Christmas.

Custom packaging is another of those small things. Here’s why:

Exclusivity increases shareability

As mentioned,, unboxing videos are gaining popularity. Many unboxing videos have upwards of 700,000 views. What would that amount of exposure do for your brand?

By placing your products in custom branded packaging at Christmas, you increase the changes of your customer creating user-generated content – in this case, an unboxing video.

If you’re not familiar with user-generated content, it’s a potent way to leverage your customer’s content for content marketing.

It refreshes your brand image

High-quality branding is hugely important in ecommerce.

But sometimes a fresh coat of paint may be all that’s needed to make your house feel new again.

And the same applies to your product packaging. By moving away from what you traditionally always use, you may find something completely new that you like.

A new colour scheme, or perhaps a slight variation of your logo. You would have seen many brands put their logos in snuggly sweaters and scarves come Christmas.

By using cheerful, Christmas-themed packaging, people start to associate your brand with happiness and positivity.

Convert first timers into lifetimers

There are more holidays and cultural events in the last 3 months of the year than the other 9 months. In this time, online sales go up by an average of 60%. Most of these are first time buyers.

Season packaging gives you a chance to convert these first time buyers into life long fans of your brand.

Sept- christmas article-06


It shows that you care about the way your brand is perceived.

It is an opportunity to leave a positive, cheerful impression on a customer that you wouldn’t reach over the counter, or at any other time during the year.

Turning buyers into return customers is important. Lifetime spend is an incredibly powerful, but often overlooked metric in e-commerce.

It eliminates the need for wrapping paper

Ok, well perhaps not completely.

But it does add another layer of mystery. All throughout the year, your business has been recognised by it’s branding and design.

By creating packaging that’s unique for Christmas, you are mixing it up a bit. With seasonal product packaging, even your most die-hard fan may not know what they’re holding until they open the box.

Custom Christmas Packaging Ideas

Now that you’ve seen the ‘why’ of customer Christmas packaging, let’s take a look at the ‘How’.

It’s all about colour

Christmas tree, Rudolph’s nose, mistletoe – all these things are represented by Christmas colours – a deep green and a rich red.

But these aren’t the only colours associated with this time of year.

Ever thought of black and gold?

Sept- christmas article-02

Black and gold can add a little extra ‘class’ to a gift, not to mention these colours are also appropriate for the New Year that comes up in a week. Use these colours on your custom packaging to ‘dress up’ your products, or give them a fancier vibe.

Get rustic and industrial

We’re all been into one of those hip little cafes or restaurants where you sit on a rustic steel chair on a worn and almost damaged table.
These styles add a little vibe to the room – it brings a little charm, character and attitude.

They use natural and organic colours and tones and bring a simple yet elegant feel to your Christmas.

It’s worth remembering that Christmas design isn’t all about grandeur. Explore rustic packaging that really demands that you get your hands in the product. Sometimes less is more!

Ugly sweaters

In recent years, these kind of patterns have been gaining in popularity.

Therefore, it is only natural that you take this Christmas theme onto your seasonal product packaging!

Yes, these designs are ugly to some, but to many they’re also somewhat warming and comforting. Bring a little of that warmth to your product packaging by using these designs. Just do so sparingly!


Minimalism is the complete opposite to ugly sweaters. It’s is all about doing less to have a bigger effect. It’s also a great way to connect with your customer, as overly cluttered designs imply that you are BIG, LOUD and SCREAMING at your customer!

Sept- christmas article-05

Simple branding with small Christmas motifs like a star or Christmas tree can create a delicate yet rich mood around your brand.

Use package fillers like wood wool

Just like your momma used to say, ‘it’s what’s inside that counts’.

Wood wool is a beautiful and practical way to present your products inside your packaging.

Combine wood wool with your natural, minimalist design and you’ve got a completely earthy unboxing experience. And it is a great way to start a cozy winter fire!

Bonus tip: Use coloured wood wool to bring your branding into the inside of the box.

Keep it all secure

Wood wool is just one way to keep your products safe. If you’re looking for a more design-friendly way of achieving the same goal, use a custom insert or partition.

Partitions present your products front and centre as soon as the box is opened. Partitions make your products say ‘look at me, I’m here, I’m all yours, use me now’.

Design your insert to match the exterior branding of your box. This is just one small thing that can help create a solid unboxing experience for your customer.

Use external add ons

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like a ribbon.

Sept- christmas article-04

Sure, it may be a little cliche, but at this time of year when you’re with friends, family and loved ones, cliches can be a great thing to indulge in!

A big, colourful bow on top of a gift says ‘here, this is for you’.

Just as you are about to send your product off to a customer, consider literally putting a bow on it.

This completes the package, and if your buyer will be giving the purchase to a loved one for Christmas, well, you’ve done half the work for them!

Summing up

So there you have it, the why and the how of designing custom packaging for the upcoming Christmas period.

It’s not hard, nor expensive, to go the extra mile and use seasonal packaging for this silly, jolly season. And by doing so, you’re building value around your brand.

Whoever receives your products as a gift is going to be well aware of your brand name, thanks to a first-class unboxing experience.

Because of this (and your quality product) you can be sure that Christmas your brand name will be put in front of some new face and remembered into the coming year!

Author Bio: Phil Forbes is a bearded Australian living in Warsaw, Poland. He is the content guy at Packhelp who enjoys helping and watching small ventures start, learn, grow and thrive. He takes care of and loves his dog, Star Wars, heavy metal and his girlfriend – in no particular order.

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