With the international brands and western style taking over the markets, the most who suffered were the small artisans who took India’s rich legacy of local crafts forward. A lot of these artisans had shut shops due to the non-existence of business prospects and revenue. Now, with the boom of e-commerce in India, few portals are supporting these artisans, namely, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jaypore, Craftsvilla, Indianroots.com, indianartisans.com amongst others. The number of artisans is growing at a fast pace. Technology is touching the lives of artisans and their next generation is helping in bringing about a change in the way traditional business was done.

Amazon India launched its craft store and listed approximately 90 sellers, before the festive sales last month and saw a huge increase in the demand for handicraft items. Snapdeal also partnered with HP Government and launched the ‘India Art House, selling local arts and handicraft items. Other e-tailers like Craftsvilla, Jaypore deal in Indian handicrafts across categories.

The weavers are also getting access to international markets along with Indian buyers since these e-commerce companies operate across different borders. Well, the industry is surely helping to put India’s best in front of the world.