Cloud vs Traditional point of sale

Point of Sale is a software or device to manage inventory, sales, and billing by any retailer. It eliminates human error and offers security, ease of store management and cash management. It is also referred to as POS. Today, POS software does more than what it used to do. A list of features include:

  1. Hardware – Computer, Monitor and Cash registry
  2. Inventory control
  3. Purchase order creation
  4. Price updates
  5. Bar code scanning or manual entry
  6. Billing
  7. Credit, Debit card or Voucher purchases
  8. Print receipts
  9. Analytics
  10. Loyalty program management
  11. Accounts receivable and payable
  12. Tax management.

This list can vary between industries and countries depending on the regulatory requirements too.

Traditional Point of Sale System:

A traditional point of sale system has a computer, monitor, cash registry, bar code scanner, receipt printer and credit card machine. The system is setup in a fixed location to manage the sales from customers in a store. The whole setup makes the system simple by allowing customers to follow the line in front of the POS and any number of system can be placed in response to the demand.

Cloud Point of Sale System:

Cloud point of sale is an evolved software where the complete system is upgraded to the current software and hardware technology and it simplifies the usage for any trained person without any technical or computer skills. It requires a touchscreen device, wired or wireless bar code scanner, payment machine, receipt printer and cash registry.

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