Branding is sometimes called the voice of the company – it is something which, once created, should end up being instantly associated with your company and the goods or services they provide, no matter where the brand is seen. A brand itself can be almost anything – a symbol, a piece of artwork, a special design, or a slogan being the most common ones.

Branding works best when it is consistent. This way, it creates a coherent image in the minds of customers who see or hear of it, thus making it more likely that they will turn to the business in question if they have need of those goods or services.

In this regard, brand building is often combined with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO can bring the brand into the public eye with more regularity. Ultimately, the goal in branding is to create something which is unique and eye-catching, and which will serve its purpose in bringing the idea of the company to people’s minds at the appropriate moment. The problem with an expanding digital world is that the brand has to change to better fit with it, while at the same time maintaining cohesion with what came before.


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6 tips to increase brand visibility:

Site as brand representation

A good brand visibility strategy is one which recognizes that websites have to be much more than simply well-designed and suited for the purposes of the business running them . They need to accurately represent the brand as well. In creating a website you need to ensure that brand parameters always remain constant.

Brand identity is how you show visitors and customers what the virtues and ideologies of the business are. A design which stretches across all the forms of marketing used by the company is one way of doing that. To use examples from popular sites, Wikipedia is a site which is completely black and white, except for the pictures, as befits a site which is an encyclopedia. Other sites, which are not information-focused, are more colorful.

Link building always matters

Link building is simpler than most people would imagine when they first get into it. You can reduce it to a two-step process:

  • Find something that you want to link to, be it a website, social media feed, or blog.
  • Work out how to get that website or blog to link to you.

Link building is something which is particularly useful when it comes to building a brand for several reasons; the main reason is that links – particularly when they come from a more well-known source, bring traffic. Traffic means an increase in Google search results, which in turn means your brand becomes more visible.




Set up a blog and generate expert content

A blog is another useful way of building a brand. By setting up a blog, the business or people running it can use the blog to promote the brand. They can do this by using the blog as a means to interview people within the business itself, to highlight the specifics of the business processes, and also potentially to highlight other products and brands. The use of SEO is also helpful when it comes to improving search results in Google.

Social media to engage with your audience

Social media is something which is becoming more and more popular as a tool for marketing and branding. Most people spend time on social media. This is a good platform for companies to engage with their audience. Social media is also useful for its ability to engage with people beyond the obvious – having someone like or share something on social media means that it is now visible to everyone who is connected to them, and the networking continues beyond that.

Reviews and a brand image

Reviews are always important to a business. They are the key to having a good reputation, and one of the ways to appear in Google search results. Encourage people to leave reviews. Make it easy for them to do so by providing a variety of ways for them to leave reviews over and above the normal review sites which exist. This is a good way of building brand image in people’s minds.


Making your brand name visible at the top of search results takes time. But it is vitally important. Studies show that unless you are on the first page of results (preferably in the top five hits), you may as well not have a brand name in the search engine at all.

There are a number of ways to boost the presence of your brand online and off of it. The most important point is that a brand must be coherent if it is to do its job properly. It must maintain some semblance of what the business stands for.

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Amanda Brown is an experienced marketer at WillbeCoded with particular expertise within a brand building, content marketing, and SEO. She pays careful attention to the latest online marketing and eCommerce trends to share it with her audience.