Let’s say you have all the inventory and order details of your POS on a Windows PC. Unfortunately, due to a virus attack, your computer system breaks down one day, and so does your POS system! This leads to you ultimately losing out on all your data.

The consequences of this need not even be spelled out. It will affect your business big time. So, what is required is a cloud POS system that can store all the data you have in a 100% secure location, and let you access it from anywhere you wish.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of servers hosted on the internet, rather than using a local server or a personal computer. So basically, anywhere there is the internet, you can get access to your data.

You have more experience with cloud-based systems than you think! Every service you access through a subscription or an account is cloud-based. Think Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, and even MailChimp that you use for email marketing.

What is the big deal about a cloud POS system?

Cloud-based POS Software is sneaking into almost every retailer’s computer or smartphone. What it provides is good reason enough for adopting it:

  • cloud-based POS lets you access all data related to your inventory, orders, and sales anywhere across the globe. This means you don’t need to install any POS software on your PC. You can use it from any device, even on smartphones and tablets.
  • There is absolutely no risk of data loss. Your data will be “on the cloud”, and will not be affected by any sort of computer malfunction.
  • You get instant upgrades on your POS system. You also don’t need to worry about upgrading the hardware of your system as your customers and inventory increase.

Being a retailer, before you purchase the best cloud POS system for your business, its best to analyze and research products based exactly on the business requirements that you have. This way you will obtain a product with the most relevant features and at an affordable cost.


So, how will you make the decision? Let’s do a quick run through what you should look out for in a cloud-based POS software:

The Best Cloud POS System- Must-Have Features

  1. The Ability To Sell Everywhere

    Don’t compromise on your business. If you own a store offline, go ahead and reach out to many more people by selling online too. For enabling this, you need a POS system that will let you access both your stores from a single panel.

    This way you will be able to get a bird’s eye view of the entire inventory that you own across any number of offline and online stores that you have. So the advantage will be that you will see in real-time what is happening with all your stock on a single screen and help you build better strategies.

  2. Multi-Location Management

    When you have a platform where you can manage all your warehouse inventory from a single panel, it gives you a better idea about your inventory flow.


  3. Accounting Integration

    A cloud-based POS that integrates with an accounting software like QuickBooks and Tally, is of so much advantage. It will help sync all monetary details related to your sales with the accounting software. This way you have no data entry or billing errors.

  4. Access From Anywhere

    It is wise to get a cloud POS system that will run on any Android-based device like smartphones or tablets. This will cut down the restriction on using any particular OS based device.
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  5. Barcode Printing And Scanning

    How great would it be if you could have software that takes care of all your sales needs including barcode printing? It will resolve another concern of yours.

  6. Ability To Generate Invoices

    Get software that even looks after service to your customer. Invoice generation at the same POS is a good feature to have.

  7. A Comprehensive Customer Database

    It is best to have your customer database. You will be able to analyze how much, what and how frequently your customers are purchasing from you. Keeping track of this helps you customize your products for them and push the right offers to them at the right time.

  8. Features To Grant User Permissions

    As cloud-based POS can be accessed from any device, it’s important to set permission for access only to people you trust. This is an important feature to have.

  9. A Complete Digital catalog

    Have software that creates a digital catalog of all products with images for you so that you can instantly check for any product you want.

According to a study by Hurwitz and Associates, cloud systems can save businesses up to 55% of their total cost of ownership.

The advantage of the best cloud POS system is that all you need to pay is a monthly charge, instead of heavy capital investment in software. This charge should include support, training, back-ups and future upgrades.

Your aim is to grow your business. So, choose a POS system like Primaseller that will actually help you do that.


Update: 30-04-2018

FitSmallBusiness loves us! They’ve reviewed the Primaseller POS Solution and featured us on their POS Category Page.  We’re excited to be featured on their page and hope to garner more and more positive reviews as we gain more trusted clients on this journey towards building an exceptional inventory management product.