Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit at your antique store in India and easily have dollars flowing in from the US for your products?  Sounds impossible? Not when Amazon is here to do exactly that for you.

The Amazon Global Program that was launched in India a year back has seen the growth of its seller base from 200 to 12,000. It is not just the tip of the iceberg that is accessible to the Amazon India sellers today.

Amazon India sellers can sell on  9 international marketplaces including the ones in UK, US, Canada, Japan and France.

amazon global

A different country would be an entirely new market. Imagine how long it would have taken you as an independent retailer to establish a base there and then gradually build your brand.

With Amazon’s global program, you get to make use of the Amazon brand, and don’t have to bear the upfront costs of building yourself a name in a new sales environment.

Amazon India is said to have a seller base of 1 lakh. Out of this, only 12,000 are members of the Amazon global program. This program would be extremely beneficial for all sellers, no matter how small a business they are running. The international sellers have reportedly said to have made an increase of more than 50% profit by selling globally.

“The programme will also help sellers better understand our seller-centric products and services as well as emerging trends in e-commerce. The objective is to enable sellers to grow profitably on Amazon.in,” said Gopal Pillai, Amazon India Director and General Manager (Seller Services).

For those sellers who are unaware of information related to the Amazon global program, let’s do a quick run through what it is all about:

Amazon Global Program

amazon global
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Where to sell

Amazon India sellers can sell at countries coming under 9 marketplaces including the US, UK, Japan , Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Spain.

What to sell

Amazon India sellers can sell apparel, ethnic handicrafts, jewelry, books, collectibles, sporting goods, hand bags, shoes and health & beauty products.

Each market has different demands. Understand your target market before deciding to sell your products there.

Fulfilment options

Amazon gives you the choice to fulfill orders yourself or through FBA.

Fulfilling orders on your own

If you wish to fulfill your own orders and ship them to another country, you are obliged to take care of all the custom requirements of that country.  The items you ship will be subject to import taxes, custom duties and fees charged by the destination country. Amazon will not take responsibility of handling any of these if you choose to fulfill orders yourself.

Fulfilling orders by FBA

If you sign up for FBA, Amazon will pick, pack and ship orders on your behalf. Amazon also takes care of returns received.

Note: You need to create separate seller accounts if you are selling at 2 different marketplaces like USA and UK and convert your listings to FBA in that UK marketplace. However, if you are selling on a European marketplaces like Amazon.de and want to sell on another one Amazon.co.uk, then you can use the same seller account.

To know more about fulfillment details, click here: Amazon global fulfillment details

Shipping Costs

International shipping costs depend on several factors:

1.Package dimensions and weight

2.Delivery time

3.Source and destination

To  get more information about shipping costs, click here: Amazon ship and fulfill

Taxes and Regulations

Every country has different set of regulations concerning sales of products.

Some things to consider are: Taxes and customs, intellectual property rights, export controls, environmental, health and safety issues, marking and labels.

To understand the taxes and custom duties involved in different marketplaces, click here: Amazon global taxes and regulations

Amazon has opened doors for Indian sellers to expand their customer base from 1 million to approximately 300 million. There is no reason for you to miss out on such a great opportunity. Expand your business an sell on as any channels as you can.

For detail regarding registration on Amazon global, click here: Registration details


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