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Designed for easy distributor and wholesale operations and better B2B management

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b2b order management software

Back-Order Management

Never lose track of orders which are waiting to be fulfilled. Be updated about the items that you need more stock of. This lets you prioritize your procurement.

Shipper Management

With Primaseller, avail discounted USPS rates and fulfil your B2B orders easily. Compare rates and choose from a list of integrated shippers or add a custom shipper. See the full list of shipper carriers we integrate with.

back order management
b2b payment tracking

Payment Tracking

Track pending payments and payment dates for your B2B customers to have a better grip of your receivables and cash flow.

Manual Order Creation

Primaseller enables B2B orders to be created manually without having the need to create a channel for it. Easily manage multiple B2B customers and accept orders via email.

Inventory Tracking

Bulk orders can be daunting. Whether you sell JIT or back-to-back for your distribution business, it is important to understand how much inventory you have and how much you need to procure or manufacture.

Primaseller's wholesale inventory management software lets you automatically raise purchase orders if the stock falls below the re-order level.

b2b inventory tracking
b2b accounting Sync

Accounting Sync

Sync all your sales into Quickbooks online or Tally to further automate processes with Primaseller’s integrations. Inventory gets automatically updated at these accounting softwares and you obtain an up-to-the-minute financial status of your company.

Inventory Sync Across Channels

Your distribution business should not impact the availability of stock for online sales. Primaseller inventory management software blocks inventory for online orders received so that you can manage your reputation as a reliable merchant across channels.

inventory Sync across channels
Feature Checklist
feature checklist


Generate barcodes and easily add products to sales or purchase orders by scanning them. Checkout becomes much quicker and accurate inventory is maintained. Print barcodes based on your requirements from the list of templates we provide.

feature checklist

Generate invoices

Choose an invoice template from our inventory management software and print them as many times as you want or customize it with additional details like your logo, brand name, and contact information.

feature checklist

User permission

You can set user permissions for your employees and easily track their work. Define the degree of permission you want for every store and inventory for better control of your team and processes.

feature checklist

Track returns

Easy recording and tracking of returned goods from your customers. Generate the updated invoice indicating the returned product and update the inventory instantly. Process refunds for payments made on the order.

feature checklist

Price updates

Easy updating of product prices across all your online channels and B2B channel in one go. You can have uniform pricing or have different prices for each channel.

feature checklist

Multi-location management and Transfer of stock

Easy transfer of stock between your warehouses, and between your different channels of sale, based on demand. The inventory level at the specific store automatically gets updated.

feature checklist

Assign shippers

Choose shippers you want to set along with AWB tracking numbers and generate shipment labels accepted by leading shippers.


Primaseller has been our only solution since we started using it at Select Jewels. The web app, especially, runs smooth and fast, and I am able to operate from literally anywhere. It has been of great help in managing all the orders, be it a B2B, online or POS order with amazing ease. Life has become easy with Primaseller :)

testimonial by Select Jewels

Krishna Rawat

Select Jewels