About Us

Primaseller is a software product company that enables multi-channel commerce for a retailer.

Our vision is to ensure that retailers are able to fulfill the needs of any consumer across the globe through all channels possible and maximize sales in the process.

Retailers and online sellers across the world are experts in their trade and in understanding their customers. Which is what they would want to focus on the most.

However, operational challenges like inventory, order fulfillment can take away the focus on increasing revenues and expanding profits.

This is where we come in. Primaseller has been working on the inventory and order-management problems since 2013 in various experiments and models and has come to understand a unifying model for both offline and online retailers. We believe that no order should be missed and every customer, anywhere in the world who accesses you through any channel should be informed accurately of what you sell and how much of stock for that product do you have.

If you are a retailer, you understand how important this promise is and it is our job to fulfill it. We are a young team working on building a world-class product and are constantly listening to our customers to make their experience richer everyday.

We’ve been trusted and invested by extremely supportive investors and advisors across the world and continue to deliver on a simple experience that solves the drudgery of managing the operations of a multi-channel business.

In The Press

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